Every individual has unique constitution that he receives from his heredity, it contains structural and functional features alongwith disease susceptibility.

Every living organism has  natural properties, to react to stimuli. It is a characteristic feature that differentiate living and non living organism. Reactions of the organism to external and internal influence depends on this natural property. It is called susceptibility of the individuals.
 There are two types of susceptibility
  1.Natural susceptibility:  Vital force control  every organism and make a state of equilibrium in our body,this is called disease free condition of the individual. All the functions of the body and desires, demands,attractions, affinities are under control with moderate condition. These are natural phenomenon. It is sign of healthy condition of men.This is called natural susceptibility.
 2.Morbid susceptibility: When vital force is affected by inimical influence ,gradually all the natural susceptibility turn to morbid state and create disease affinities. It is called morbid susceptibility of the patients. Actually it is a hidden condition of the disease, that is waiting for external influence or any exciting cause to produce disease. It is sign of derangement of the vital force.
 Natural susceptibility is precious treasure for us. It is the fundamental strength of healthy condition of men. Every creative process depends on it. More and more natural susceptibility protects us from morbific noxious agent.
 We are always surrounded by thousands of inimical influence or disease force, but it does not affect us because it can not attack with out  susceptibility in the system . Infections of the disease depends on two factors:
 1.Susceptibility of the disease .
2.Disease force and susceptibility of the disease must be on the same plane .
 Disease susceptibility  should be satisfied with perfect constitutional homeopathic remedy or by disease itself. It will no more affect the system twice. We see that when a natural disease run its course it tends to decline and the patient will not to be susceptible until another change of state has come. We have deal with two states of susceptibility:  the acute state ,created by disease itself, and the chronic state of susceptibility from the constitution of the patient.
 Homeopathic treatment basically depends on measuring the disease susceptibility of individuals. According to that,  you should select remedy and potency. If vital force produces more and more characteristics symptoms, it is clear indication of strong disease susceptibility and strong vitality,so you should go with very small dose and high potency.
 There are different kinds of factors that relate to the susceptibility of the individuals.Sanguinous, choleric and nervous constitutional characters produce more and more characteristics symptoms because of there is high susceptibility and good reflecting capacity. On the other hand,the phlegmatic person has very low susceptibility and they have less reflecting capacity because of the disease complexity with strong miasmatic barrier that weeken the vitality of the patient.
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