The mental faculty of the human being consists of Will, Understanding and Memory. If we go through the Lesser Writings of Dr. J.T.Kent, in the chapter ‘Correspondence of Symptoms’ we can see how the ‘Will’ and ‘Intellect’ are actually related to different organs. In case of a female ‘Will’ is directly related to the uterus, ovaries. As long as her ‘Will’ is satisfied, a balance in her life is maintained. Thus the intense desire of a female to become a mother is also reflected, from the fertilization of the ovum, then implantation of zygote, formation of the placenta ­­­—–as a whole the woman becomes pregnant, which satisfies her inner will of getting the motherhood and she reaches her goal. A simillimum given only intensifies this ‘Will’ and it will overcome all possible obstacles, thereby her long desire to be a mother is thus satisfied.
KEY WORDS- Will, Goal, PCOS, Freedom of mind, Creativity, Hering’s law
Will, Understanding and memory are the three pillars of mental faculty of any human being. The ‘Will’ which has been given highest value in the mental faculty is related to love, desire, hatred etc .Had there been any problem in the ‘Will’ then an individual’s love is turned to hatred, the person desires to destroy his own life, a wife has averseness to her husband, a mother hates her own children —– gradually an insane condition develops, and may lead to various physical problems —– relating to heart, liver or sexual organs. As the ‘Will’ is directly related to heart and liver, when a correct prescription is made in any curative condition, then there is every possibility that the heart or liver may be affected. But if a person gets his heart condition improved but a desire to destroy his life follows then the prescription must be antidote as because symptoms are taking the wrong direction
If we go through the ‘SICK’ chapter of Kent’s philosophy, it is again said there each drug acts either upon the ‘Will’, ‘Understanding’ or ‘Memory’. Likewise the affection of Aurum Met is more on the ‘Will’, where he loses his desire to live and commit suicide. So also the affection of Argentum Nit is more on the ‘understanding’, thereby he feels that the big building may fall upon him, while he goes past the corner of the road .
Thus as long as these three aspects of our mental faculty are functioning normally, every person will be in a positive state of mind. There will be a perfect harmony between the person and the outside world, where the individual can give his optimum output and put his earthly existence for higher purposes of mankind. His desire for giving optimum output for the welfare of human being is nothing but the inner ‘Will’, whose positive intensity has the ability to overcome all possible obstacles.
A Case came the O.P.D of Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, as she was not having any issue even after 3 yrs of marriage.
Name– XYZ                                                          Age-26years, Sex- Female           Ticket no & Date of visit
Address– Jhorhat, Andul, Howrah                  Religion– Hinduism                      G-29997 & 09/02/2016
Present  Complaints:
As narrated by the patient
The patient complaint of not having any issue.
Present Complaint in Detail:
She went to a multi specialty hospital, as she was not having any issue, where it was diagnosed as a case of PCOD  .Her menstruation though used to occur on date, but it usually remained for 2 days and was scanty.  She took treatment for about 8 months, but   after getting no positive result came to our O.P.D for treatment.
History of Present Complaint:
She has been married for almost 3 years. The couple used to stay together and apparently there was no problem in their conjugal life.
Past History:
H/O measles, mumps, malaria in her earlier life.
Family History:
Father-H/O Tuberculosis
Mother-H/O Diabetes Mellitus
Paternal grandfather- H/o Ca Lung
Personal History:
Mariatal Status: Married for about 3 years
Occupation: House wife
Socio-economic condition: Moderate
Living Environment-:Light and airy
Homoeopathic Characteristics and Observation (Generalities)
Appearance: Obese type, with some hair growth in the face and different parts of the body.
Appetite:  Not much, but on starting to eat, the appetite gradually increased and she ate more.
Desire:  For sweet and salty things and cold food, like ice cream, cold drinks
Tongue:  No coating and is dry
Thirst:  Thirst less
Urine: Burning pain in the urethra during urination
Sleep: During Sleep she used to her arm over head
Sweat:  Profuse sweat, particularly when she waked from sleep.
Her only desire was that she wants to be a mother.  She was revengeful particularly to those, who had caused any harm to her. Had a dullness and sluggishness of mind. Fear of darkness. Her mother gave a history that as a child, she was very much interested in religious matters.
Clinical Examination
General Survey:
Built- Heavy                                                            Edema- Absent
Pallor- Absent                                                         Weight-74 kg
Icterus- Absent                                                       Pulse rate- 84/min, V/T/R normal
Cyanosis- Absent                                                    B.P- 138/88mm of Hg
Systemic Examination
No abnormality found
Provisional Diagnosis:
Infertility,  probably due to PCOS.
USG showed PCOS in both the ovaries
In 2003 a consensus workshop sponsored by ESHRE/ASRM in Rotterdam indicated PCOS to be present if any 2 out of 3 criteria are met, in the absence of other entities that might cause these findings:
1.    oligoovulation and/or anovulation
2.    excess androgen activity
3.    polycystic ovaries (by gynecologic ultrasound)
The case stated above no doubt meets the last 2 criteria, if not the first.

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