Homeopathic aggravation is a curative term; it is only one condition that indicates the winning score just before the end of game. Homeopathy can cure the disease according to natural laws; this cure depends on two factors:
1. If disease symptomatology and medicinal symptoms are similar, then it will cure the disease.
2. Medicinal power should be more than the disease power; otherwise it will never cure the disease.
The second condition is stronger medicinal power cures the disease. So there is little aggravation of all the disease symptomatology, but this aggravation is medicinal aggravation, so it no longer sustains in the system of the individuals.
Every individual receives susceptibility. It is heredity. When one goes against the nature in a long run, one will be diseased artificially. Disease affects our system only when there is susceptibility present in the individuals. The vital force is spiritual energy or frequency that animates our material body. It controls all the functions of the body and establishes a state of equilibrium in between all the organs. So it protects our system from any other disturbance that tries to destroy this state of equilibrium. But when morbific noxious agent attacks our system due to disease susceptibility in our body, then vital force if not capable to protect our system with its own power, it needs some help to save our system.  It produces  symptomatology of that disease through mental, emotional and physical plane. This is the language of the disease.  We read it with our pure knowledge of homoeopathic Organon and materia medica, and we administer the perfect homoeopathic remedy with perfect potency. If it matches with the vital frequency, the vital force reacts with it.  Vital force produces artificial disease symptomatology that is very similar to that of disease symptomatology. So according to the natural law, if two dissimilar diseases meet in an individual, weaker affliction permanently gets extinguished by stronger one. Thus natural disease that attacked our system permanently is extinguished by stronger artificial disease. This is the reason patient feels some medicinal aggravation but it is artificial.  It no longer sustains in the system.
Homeopathic aggravation is the only one parameter that indicates the remedy and the potency is perfectly administered and the cure that is our only mission is waiting on our door step.
This aggravation depends on different kinds of factors:
1.       Acute disease: There are three stages in acute disease, prodromal period or on-set, prognosis and decline. It is not from chronic miasmatic condition. It comes suddenly and run its course and decline or is fatal. In acute diseases, very rarely we see any striking aggravation, because the severity or intensity of the symptoms always stays in a peak form. But when acute disease lasts many days breaking down the blood and tissue, and then we will see aggravation, following the action of the remedy. Often we see profuse sweating, vomiting and purging with great prostration.
2.       Chronic disease: There are two steps in chronic disease, prodromal period and prognosis. There is no disease decline, only suffering till death. There are different kinds of miasms which are responsible for chronic disease. So if there is four or five miasmatic layer in a complex disease, after curing each layer, we see sharp homeopathic aggravation. Where there are no tissue changes, then we can expect the remedy to cure the patient without any serious aggravation.
3.       Disease condition: If blood and tissue is in turmoil, disease has drawn near death’s door, and then we see very sharp aggravations. So never use deep acting constitutional remedy at this stage. It will be very harmful for the patient.
4.       Over sensitiveness: If the patient is oversensitive, we can see severe aggravation. It is very difficult to handle this type of patient because they very easily prove the drug.
5.       Constitution: Vigorous constitution easily gets an aggravation because they are very sensitive to every external and internal influence. Phlegmatic or feeble constitutional patients are less sensitive to external and internal influences so we see less aggravation.
6.       Perfect selection: If your remedy was not perfectly similar you will not get an aggravation. Perfectly selected remedy often brings an aggravation.
7.       Dose: The smaller the dose is of the homoeopathic medicine, the less and shorter the aggravation. It is also prolonged by repetitions of the dose.
8.       Potency: If you use 10M instead of 30, it will be aggravate all the symptoms in feeble constitutional patients.  Vital force produces all the symptoms that it can produce due to weakness of the individuals; it increases the severity of the symptoms. On the other hand nervous or sanguineous constitutional patient are very sensitive so in this case it aggravates all the symptoms of the disease followed by cure.
Homeopathic aggravation is a very important for homeopathic treatment so it should be known perfectly by every homeopathic physician.

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