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Surat hooch tragedy: Toxic homoeopathy drug in killer liquor

AHMEDABAD: It was a double whammy of spurious homoeopathy medicine and spurious liquor that killed six people in the Surat- Katargam hooch tragedy, the second such incident in the state in six months. Investigators said Thuja and Bryonia, the two homoeopathy medicines that were mixed with the liquor that caused deaths, normally contains 90% ethanol. But the last consignment of medicines bought by Sheela Rana and her daughter Nimisha was adulterated with methanol, which is toxic for humans.Police have arrested a homoeopathy drug dealer, Bharat Shah, in connection with the case along with mother- daughter duo.
“During his interrogation, Shah has revealed that one Nandu Dulal Deb used to supply drugs manufactured in Kolkata,” said a senior police official associated with the investigation. Teams of Gujarat police are currently camping in Kolkata trying to track the dealer and the factory in which the two homoeopathy drugs were manufactured or adulterated with methanol. “We are taking help of Kolkata police to track the main dealer,” a senior police official said.According to investigators, Rana was prescribed a homoeopathy drug, Arnica Mont for her knee ailment some four years ago.

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