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A wart dissolved by Causticum

A Case Study

A ten years old boy along with his mother came to me with the complaint of a small growth is present on the lateral aspect of the right eye brow since six months which was diagnosed as wart.
Associated Complaints                                                                              
Stammering and at the times fall while walking since childhood.
History of present illness
Six months ago one small, smooth growth had appeared on the lateral aspect of right eye brow of a ten years old boy. Gradually the growth increased in size and had an appearance of a cauliflower. The patient had not gone through any type of treatment.
Past History                                                                                                              
The boy had a history of neonatal jaundice and was treated by the modern medicine. Although the boy grew physically he had delayed walking and speech. The boy could not talk or walk up to the age of two years. The boy now aged ten years is stammering and falls at the times while walking.
The parents consulted Pediatricians, Neurologist and performed necessary investigations like X-ray, CT scan, MRI etc but no abnormality found in the report. Therefore, the parents stopped treatment.
Family History
Father: Single cauliflower like wart left temporal region and soft tumor present on scalp.
Physical General                                                                                           Thermal reaction:     Chilly patient.
Appetite:                   Good.
Desire:                      Meat.
Aversion:                  Sweet.             .
Stool:                        Soft, yellowish.
Urine:                        Clear.

Mental General: Depressed of his illness.
Local Examination: Looks like cauliflower.

Diagnosis: Wart.

Miasmatic Consideration
Chilly patient:                                  Psoric.
P/H of Jaundice:                              Sycotic.
F/H of Tumor:                                  Sycotic.
Depressed for his illness:                 Psoric
Desire for meat: –                             Sycotic
Aversion to sweet:                            Psoric.
Stammering:                                     Sycotic.
Delayed in walking:                          Sycotic.
Wart on face:                                   Sycotic.
Rubrics after evaluation of symptoms
Depressed for his illness:                   Mind, sadness.
Chilly patient:                                    Generalities, cold, in general, agg.
Desire for meat:                                Stomach, desire, meat.
Aversion to sweet:                            Stomach, aversion, sweet.
Stammering:                                      Mouth, speech, stammering.
Fall during walking:                          Awkwardness, Lower limb, stumbling when walking.
Wart on face:                                     Face, wart.

Drugs a b c d e f g Total
Causticum 3 3 0 2 3 3 3 17/6
Sulphur 3 2 1 2 2 0 1 11/6
Mercurius 3 2 1 2 3 0 0 11/5
Phosphorus 2 3 0 2 2 2 0 11/5
Calcarea 3 3 0 0 0 2 2 10/4

After proper repertorisation according to Kentian method, on numerical calculation ‘Causticum’ got highest marks 17/6.
Causticum – 10M of 2 doses was prescribed and he was advised to take the medicine every morning in vac vein.
Follow up

Date Prognosis of the disease Prescription
23.9.2012 Size of wart decreased.
14.10.2012 Size of wart further decreased.
28.10.2012 Wart completely dissolved. Placebo

As per repertorization, Causticum got marks 17/6 and covers particulars general symptoms, also having psoric & sycotic miasmatic backgrounds and as per comparative Material Medica Causticum is the most appropriate medicine for this case. Thus, the patient was prescribed only two doses of ‘Causticum-10M’.  After three weeks the mother of the boy reported that improvement was observed and the wart had decreased in size. The treatment was continued with a placebo. Eventually, the wart dissolved in about two months.

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