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AIDS body rubbishes govt. hospital’s claim on HIV cure

A government-run homeopathy hospital in Hyderabad has been treating over 10,664 HIV positive patients with a homeopathy pill as an experimental treatment.
The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) will be initiating legal and administrative action against the doctors for misleading HIV patients by claiming to have cured eight persons, who according to the doctors have a HIV negative status after being treated with homeopathy pills.
While investigators of the experimental treatment call it a clinical trial, it has not been registered with the Clinical Trial Registry of India .

Deputy Director General, NACO, R.S. Gupta said: “These fraudulent claims are absolute rubbish. It is mandatory for them to get permission from us even before they start ‘trials’ on HIV patients and there has been no permission granted from NACO. Across the world there is no evidence of a cure for HIV. We have informed State governments to take action against people making such claims — both legally and administratively.”

(With inputs from Vidya Krishnan)

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