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Breast Cancer

Abstract: Homeopathy has been treated with disdain by the practitioners of modern science, called unscientific, based on theory, placebo therapy, etc. etc. without actually experiencing it. But now is the time to have a paradigm shift and work in congruence and complementation in cancer cases for the benefit of mankind. Till date it has been used only for treating the side effects of chemotherapy ,but now is the time to utilize its curative properties in cancer either single handedly or if required, to complement other modes. With the given limitations of Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the time has come for Homeopathy to be assertive. It is not that it will cure each and every case, yes, but surely it is beneficial in most of the cases . [So many times, rather always, the patient does not tell what other treatment is being taken along with conservative treatment from fear of reprimand from the treating oncologists, as they rubbish everything else under the sun,as bullshit and all credit goes to Allopathy, and the assessment remains unfair .It is a biased credit mongering if rightly assessed,but we are so overawed with modern medicines chemotherapy and so diffident of our results ,that we think chemotherapy is the end of the world. Hence fairer judgment is required] I have been lucky enough to treat a few cases of cancer with my mind based approach and the results are for all to analyze and appreciate.I have many other earlier cases, but what I wish to share today are a few new cases whose evaluation, after follow up reports on pathological improvement too, I have done in the last month.
Metastatic breast cancer: A Case Study
Mrs. C.B.B. ,aged 57 yrs was first seen by me on 15-9-16 for her METASTATIC BREAST CANCER. She presented with Primary L breast painful lump with L axillary lymph nodes, Nipple retraction. She had a painful swelling on the vertex [top of the skull].She was diagnosed with Metastatic Adenocarcinoma L Breast. Her disease had spread from her L Breast to L Axilla,, Bones {skull swelling},Left Iliac Bone metastasis,[Bone/skeletal metastasis],Liver mets in both lobes and Retropectoral nodes of the chest.
She had already taken 10 cycles of weekly Paclitaxel,a chemotherapy drug. She came to me as her symptoms persisted inspite of 10 of the 12 cycles of chemotherapy. She was a mild, jovial, simple lady with no inhibitions .Inspite of her current situation ,she was smiling and laughing. She was taking things very lightly and was missing the panic associated with such a condition. I perceived that she was ignorant to the seriousness of the situation, as if nothing has happened to her. Inspite of the pain and swelling ,she had a very smiling face and showed no anxieties, with laughs and smiles. She started responding to my prescription quickly and her symptoms started reducing, pains vanished, swelling started reducing, axillary glands had vanished and the skull pain and lump ceased to exist.
When I saw her last in November 2016 end, after 2 ½ months, she had come with her repeat PET SCAN. It is a settled pre conceived idea that Homeopathic treatment is slow to act. From the cases I am presenting ,it is for you to decide the vulnerability of this notion. Correct assessment of the mind and prescription based on such an understanding is the key to good results .I believe diseases start in the mind and hence Healing too initiates there and hence should be addressed at that level only.
It may very well be argued that the response is because of Paclitaxel which is known to be palliative in such cases. Honestly, I downright cannot deny the possibility of this chemotherapy drug, but whatever reading I have done on the research of Paclitaxel ,of leading researchers, specially the Hanover study of Dr.luck, I need to share with you to establish a fair viewpoint.
1]Breast cancer deaths are the leading cause of cancer deaths in women
2]Breast cancer with distant metastasis is currently not curative and cannot prolong survival.. 3]Paclitaxel is palliative in only 40%
4]Paclitaxel responds to 6 cycles of weekly doses: Our patient had already had 10 when she came to us and her complaints were persisting. She completed 2 more as it was mandated to her and inspite of my request they went ahead and I respected their decision. 4]60% of all patients with Breast Cancer suffer a recurrence and most of them die from it.
5]Duration of response to Pacliitaxel is 300 days.
6]Paclitaxel is usually, partially effective in cases with metastasis at 2 sites and in those who have previously received Anthracyclines and other taxanes. Our patient had metastasis at 5 sites.
7]Treatment failure occurs in most cases,5 yr survival rate is only 20%. 8]Tumors are resistant after recurrence. Capicitabine oral is given after failure of above.
Under these circumstances one would do well to ascertain the role of each modality of treatment. Since Chemotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer patients remain palliative, the response has to be evaluated over a longer period of time[300 days/10 months].

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