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Success of Homeopathy Based on Peculiarity

It is most commonly known to us that the success of homeopathy totally depends upon totality of symptoms of the patient which may either external or internal along with physiological, fuctional or mental etc. But the popularity and success of any homeopath is mainly depends on finding peculiarities of the patient and the selection of remedy also follows the same manner.
Founder of homeopathy and other pillars had already given the important to collect the individual and peculiar symptoms of the patient and the selection of remedy under similar theory try to select the peculiar symptom’s remedy.Nodoubt our ancestors had classified all diseases under trio-miasms classification of the symptoms found in the patient. This does not mince that only comes under the theories of trios i.e.Psora, Syphylis and Sycosis type diseases, but reality is that under similar features of noted diseases only they had given a nomenclature as popular at his time.e.g. Vital force at present termed by modern physician as resistant power of the body, and the term miasm in modern world known as causative factors of the disease. No question may arise if we say that all diseases come under trio i.e. (a) sensational prominence,(b) destructive, infective or offensive and abnormal discharge from the body externally or internally,(c) New abnormal growths or any deficiency in the body metabolism or  characters having some abnormality of the body. All diseases specially idiopathic diseases,  cannot be confirm by any popular laboratory test having positive sign, but there are so many disease especially idiopathic don’t be able to confirm  the physician easily to diagnosis then the selection of proper remedy, at this time the physician want to take interest for collection of  individual peculiarities of the patient which may able to select proper remedy for not only give acute relieve but also permanent cure..
Hence, especially homeopaths should consider the peculiarity of the patient which helps his proper diagnosis and prognosis in his practical field for permanent cure. There are so many stories have been told by some people who have full faith in homeopathy and have seen so many miraculous treatments of several practitioners homeopathy. Those physicians had shown their full confidence in the works by which so many non curable patients were got the obligation of permanent relief from ill. But it is our bad luck that due to having no written proving evidences of these ideal works of those homeopaths. The explanation of  these things just has been popularized in the society as like fairy tales and to impress  others to making awareness toward the society in favor of homeopathy after the disappearance of the successful physician from this present  world, only  we satisfy our mind without strong documents, Hence now a days when homeopathy want to earn superior position in the society we every physician try to discover new ideology for restoring all sick into health with the aid of small doses of medicine, and be able to give permanent relief as early as possible under the base of scientific process of homeopathy.
Under peculiar action of several homeopathic drugs used under peculiarity a small list of medicines and its peculiar symptoms are as follows:-

  1. Aconite Nap – The acute aggravation having the medicine’s important symptoms with its property to cure maximum acute condition of the patient may help to cure several cases of disease i.e. in acute depressive condition of a patient having phobia of death or accident with sudden rise of inflammation, fever and headache may take advantage of the remedy not only to cure but also guide proper selection of other remedy, either in acute or chronic condition of the case.
  2. Aethusa cynapium – This medicine in general way of practice may prescribe in allergy for milk found in small baby or children. But in certain cases where milk or any products of milk take its role of allergenic action  of any age group person  has been suffering with other disease which is not related with this matter, then one dose of high potency of the medicine may solve to rout out  other obstacles for curing disease.
  3. Arsenic Alb – The acute thirst, burning sensation over the body and watery like discharge from all orifices of the body may able to solve other problems with ability to show a proper way to the doctor in selection of the remedy in way of full confidence for selection of remedy. The history of homeopathy which was started in India with experimentation over the case of gangrene affected wound of Late Punjab Keshri Maharaja Ranjit Singh by the physician of East India Co.Dr.Martin H HOeningburger in nineteenth century beginning, and first Indian physician Babu Rajedra lal Dutta for curing all problem created by cholera epidemic in 19th century..
  4. Annacardium – The Neuro- psychiatric effects of symptoms may able to prevent any patient having anxiety or depression due to loss of success or unable to reach towards the goal of any competitor.  The patient having some idiopathic diseases or hypertension, or any complication in the body where selected remedy to fail with having some psychiatric problems, then a dose of the remedy may able to solve other problem also, latter on the selected medicine be able to start its action properly.
  5. Belladonna – The inflammation and acute pain in body may be helpful in several cases of disease also.

6. Bryonia Alba –Any acute pain arises after any movement of the body may help to relive other complications related with the symptoms of the disease.
7. Calcaria Carb – Acute obesity, craze for unwanted food eg.soil, garments or unnatural things in resting period. Old habit for taking calcified and fatty material is mostly the true patient of the medicine. If any patent having these habits then in any case of disease where all previous complains up rise then a dose of cal carb in high potency may solve other problems of the body.
8. Cannabis Indica – Suspicious, supertisus, locatious, natured men and women having development of any trouble in the body or illness one high dose may give improvement for cure.
9. Conium Mac – Post effect of poison, drugs, and any horrible picture directly or indirectly create some chronic depression may cause. Insomnia, phobia, horrible dreams bounce to make the patient acute insomnia and constipation may having sufferer of any chronic disease then medicine at this case is useful.
10. Pulsatilla – This is a good remedy for female behaviour, suspicious, hopless, weeping, and suicidal mood. The patient is too much unsatisfied with her future due to long trouble. Early menopause or regular dysmenorrhea in women may cause several diseases in body.
11. Lycopodium Clav – The patient is very much week to loss his normal health and age. Unsatisfactory natured especially on release out the motion once daily and having constipated with acute flatus which give temporary amelioration of the trouble.
12. Nux vomica- The medicine is more useful for habit of taking rich diet and addiction of taking drugs, alcohol, and narcotics etc person. Chronic patient of G.I.T. disorder. All symptoms usually aggravate either afternoon or night.
13. Sulphur – The having philosopher mood, old skin trouble, dirty with fear of washing. All symptoms mostly aggravate in early and first hours of morning. The medicine is known in homeopathy that king of psora i, e.the patient having psoric miasm constitution i, e, sensational prominentia in body.
14. Thuja Occidetalis –Hydrogenous constipation with fixed idea. Ill efection after vaccination. Having tendency to form neoblastoma in body tissue which may be either benign or malignant. Chronic origin of insomnia with having tendency to move extremities properly
No doubt except these there are several list of homeopathic remedies to show its peculiarity which are not possible to explain all in a small papers. It is only an introduction of few remedy by which the statement of the title may be approved.
Here I’m presenting few case records which may able to covert everybody’s mind to take advantage of taking the homeopathic medicinal peculiar action on incurable and idiopathic cases especially those  have no laboratory positive  findings report may not satisfy the doctor for his diagnosis and prognosis properly on any case. These are as follows:-
Case No 1 – An old person who was a chronic patient of Alergetic Urticarial eruptions for a long time. He had an old habit for taking several dose of Avil (common anti allergy medicine).but all were failed to cure the patient. When the case comes under homeopathy, the physician accidentally found a peculiar symptom that the patient had not only aversion to milk but also every milk products, and taking such materials for a long time may show some abnormal symptoms in his body. The physician at once gave him a dose of Aethusa Cyn (1M), the result was very miraculous effects. After that the patient reported he had loss his 60% of abnormality and he was feeling better. After that the same medicine was repeated and gradual using of this dose fortnightly. A six month latter the person regained his normalcy and in between this period the using of anti allergic dose gradually decreased and lastly the patient never reported his abnormality.
Case No 2 – Mr. S.Kumar 30yrs was suffering of chronic eczema for last five years. All modes of treatments were not able to cure his disease. When he was appointed to a homeopath he suddenly told that from his childhood he was not able to tolerate empty stomach and this condition made him too much worried for physical or mental trouble in his daily life. The doctor according to rule of similarity prescribe Annacardium 1M one dose for his abnormal symptoms, the result was very astonishing after 72hours the patient reported that his two third troubles of eczema were vanished. Then dose of Graphitis 200 twice daily was advice and after two weeks again the previous dose of the peculiar remedy was given and a month long treatment was able to cure the disease.
Case No 3. – Once a great master of Indian homeopaths Dr.J.N.Majumdar (junior) visited to an old lady patient in Kolkata, who was a regular patient of his father Prof.J.N.Majumdar (senior), had been suffering with long fever, anorexia, anexiety.etc, the result of the treatment was very poor. After asking the patient’s health she with due regard to his father had explain her anxiety and hopeless recover her health with very weeping and sobbing mood. The young genius at once prescribed Pulsatilla 200 one dose every alternate day. After a week the attain dent of that old lady came to Prof.J.N.Majumdar and told with full of confidence that the old lady again recovered her normal health after following prescription of his doctor son.
Case No 4 – A patient was came to a homeopath and explained his chronic trouble of Rt.leg’s Sciatica pain which had been giving trouble for a long time. The middle aged person on discussion with the doctor he told that he had an old habit of alcoholism since 20yrs of his age. This point was very responsible for selecting one dose of Nux Vom 1M to apply over the patient and after using this remedy the patient regained his happiness for regain his normalcy. The dose was continued along with complementary medicines in reliving acute problems for a month. The result was miraculous for regaining health.
Case No 5 – A patient had been suffering with chronic neuritis and intermittent fever for last 3 months. Many selected remedies were prescribed by several physicians were seen non effective or short term period reactive for the patient. When this patient came to a homeopath suddenly the patient noticed to his physician that he had doing business for supply of petrol or petroleum products and maximum time of his daily live was spend in the material godown or workshop. After hearing this symptom accidentally by the doctor he at once prescribes a dose of higher potency of medicine Petroleum to the patient. The result after 24 hrs found miraculous positive sign of cure. Then the doctor had decided to continue a dose of petroleum 1M fortnightly was continue along with other complementary medicine for acute relive of the previous complains. One month long treatment gave the success not only the physician but the homeopathic remedy.
Hence after going thoroughly study and recollecting the case histories of peculiar symptomatic ill persons. I with full confident may declare that only Homeopathy has full power to cure all peculiarity and incurable declared diseases.

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