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Homeopathic Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a multifaceted disease. It does not have any known cure in modern medicine yet there are many options available for the person to recover. Homeopathy is the best option to treat these patients.
In my experience, stress is the most important factor that can lead to production of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Feeling mentally or emotionally tensed, troubled, angry or overwhelmed can stimulate colon spasm in people. The colon has many nerves connected to the brain like the heart and the lungs. The colon is partly controlled by the autonomic nervous system and it is because of this that the colon always responds to stress. These nerves control the normal contraction of colon and cause abdominal discomfort at stressful times. People always experience cramps or butterflies when they are nervous or when they are upset.
I have seen patients in my practice who with the slightest conflict can produce severe irritation in the colon. Stress makes the mind much more aware of the sensation that arises in the colon making the person perceive these sensations as unpleasant.
Hence, the most important thing that I would recommend is relaxation, meditation, regular exercise such as walking, yoga and change in the stressful situation in the life. The most important is to have a proper sleep.
I have also seen dairy products to cause an aggravation of several symptoms. Hence, dairy milk products, sugar and lactose need to be restricted in such patients. Sometimes I have seen that an increased intake of dietary fibers can reduce the symptoms. So eating whole wheat bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables can help to reduce the symptoms. If one can increase the fiber intake by 2-3 grams a day this will help a lot; drinking 6-8 glasses of plain water is very important during the course of homeopathic treatment. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages like soda, commercial aerated drinks and avoid chewing gum and eating food too quickly. Large meals can also cause cramps and diarrhea, so eat smaller meals more often or eating smaller portions may help the person suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
Now let me share some cases with you
This was a case of a young boy, sixteen years old who was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist as irritable bowel syndrome. He was accompanied by his parents for the homeopathic case taking. Within a few minutes I could understand that the boy’s parents were quite controlling and dictatorial towards the child. At every question that I asked, the child would always look at the parents before answering.
When he was eight years old he suffered from migraine. Reading for more than half an hour would invite a severe attack of migraine.
His headaches made it necessary for him to lie down in bed. Any exertion like reading or writing always aggravated his headache. He had a learning problem in school, especially concentration during studying.
He was the only son and so there were a lot of expectations from him. His parents unconsciously pushed the child to stand first by asking him to read even on holidays and vacations, giving him very little time to relax and play. He was extremely sensitive to the slightest noise.
He complained of distension and gurgling in the abdomen after eating or drinking. This was worse especially in the morning and before passing a stool. He also had frequent bouts of diarrhea that alternated with constipation, and when he sat to pass the stool he could never pass it in one shot. It was always as if something more was going to come. The stools were brown in color.
He had an aversion to meat and a desire for fish and tomatoes. On further enquiry I was informed that he enjoy fried and salty fish much more than any other fish.
I studied the symptoms and repertorized the case. Natrium muriaticum, Lycopodium clavatum and Ferrum metallium came very high for discussion. But his strong desire for salty fish and the desire for tomatoes, his gurgling sensation in the morning and before the stool along with the strong history of domination helped me to prescribe Ferrum iodatum.
I prescribed Ferrum iodatum 30C, 3 doses every week in 5 cup method and subsequently in a span of 4 months I could relieve all his symptoms.
Ferrum iodatum is one remedy which can mimic Calcarea carbonica, Sulphur and Lycopodium clavatum from a distance. It has a marked action on the spleen, the lymphatic glands and the thyroid gland.
In a case of colitis where Ferrum metallicum is indicated you should always try to ask questions or key symptoms to the patient of Ferrum iodatum.
Ferrum iodatum patients are hard working, sincere people, but at the same time they don’t like to be dominated. They want their freedom, they want their freedom of movement, they want their freedom of thinking, they want their freedom of what they want to do in their life. They are usually emaciated; mentally and physically they are quite restless, and in general they are hot patients, better in open air.
This is a case of an elderly man of sixty five, who suffered from chronic irritable bowel syndrome. He took many allopathic and homeopathic medicines without any relief. His main problem was diarrhea and discomfort. The discomfort was nausea if he wore tight clothes or if there was a pressure on the stomach or abdomen, he immediately got nausea accompanied by painless diarrhea. Eating sweets or excess of sugar aggravated the diarrhea.
The stools were thin and it all came out in one shot. He was an extremely thirsty person, with diarrhea. His appetite was ravenous that is, he could eat a large meal very frequently without getting any diarrhea.
He was unmarried yet always wanted to enjoy sex to fulfill his passion. He would read a lot of magazines on sex. He also collected photographs of naked women. He was addicted to seeing Fashion Television whenever he had a free time.
He had a strong aggravation from sweets; if he ate sweets he would get rheumatic pain and headache. He was obese; he was sad and depressed that his problems could not be cured for the last so many years.
I felt he had the characteristic symptoms of the remedy- Gambogia and I was surprised why this man had not been given this remedy.
His previous homeopathic physician had given him remedies like Indium metallicum, Argentum nitricum and Zincum metallicum. However, I felt his symptoms were nowhere near those remedies. I prescribed Gambogia 30C which gave him long lasting relief from his chronic problem within a few months.
Gambogia comes from Guttiferae family. It is basically a gum resin which was obtained from Cambodia. This country Cambodia was once upon a time ruled by French people who called Cambodia as Gambogia.
It was proved by Dr Nenning from Germany. Gamboge is a yellow pigment in water color painting but it has a marked effect on the colon and rectum. I use Gambogia in diarrhea of old people or any rectal trouble associated with a lot of rumbling and gurgling in the bowels, purging and fainting. The peculiar symptom is that the stool comes out all at once and is followed by great relief as though a foreign body has passed from the anus. After passing the stool there is severe burning in the anus. Mentally, the person is extremely irritable in the morning which I have repeatedly confirmed.
Strong sexual drive in case of colitis is the signature symptom of the remedy Gambogia.

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