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Dreams & Homeopathy

In homeopathy, treatment is provided for the person who is suffering from certain disease but not for the disease which the person is suffering from. That is treating the patient and not the disease. As homeopathy follows holistic approach hence the patient is not considered partially/fractionally but in a well integrated and comprehensive manner.

The person, the healthy human being becomes the patient when his healthy vital force gets affected by some anoxious agent throwing it out of gear and the harmony is altered. The human being (be in healthy or diseased state) is not only a physical being but mental being as well. Bodily human being devoid of any emotion/intellect is just not capable of any perception, function, reaction, self-preservation. Not only the physical symptoms, mental symptoms are also considered in homeopahty. In fact its only through the mental symptoms the individuality, peculiarity, special characteristic feature of a human being is reflected which are basis of homeopathic prescription. If we have to treat the patient its imperative to know the patient better. Comprehensive knowledge about the patient whether he is jealous, suspicious, quarrelsome, joyous, of changeable mood, humorous; intelligent, dull etc. can only be obtained through mental symptoms. Thats why valuation wise the mental symptoms rank first.
 Dreams are nothing but the vent of reserved mental condition. Certain mental conditions—feelings, emotions etc. human being at times don’t like to air/spell-out it would find their way through dreams. So dreams are the depiction of suppressed/reserved mental conditions of the person concern. That is why in homeopathy dreams are considered only to ascertain the person concerned in its true perspective. Obviously, any discrete dream coming just once is of no significance which are dreamt very of and on essentially carry some vital clue about the inner/mental being of the patient concerned. The mental state of the patient is very important clue/indicator in the process of selecting the simillium remedy.
Here certain specific dreams and their corresponding mental state are shown.
Dreams Mental States
1. Bed sinking.
2. Events of previous day.
3. Figures present.
4. Frightful
Dreams Mental States
1. Business of the day.
2. Calling out for help.
3. Death approaching.
4. Drowning.
5. Riots.
Dreams Mental States
1. Vision.
2. Accident.
3. Anxious.
4. Danger.
5. Falling from high places.
Dreams Mental States
1. Sees dead.
2. Weeping.


Dreams Mental States
1. Birds.
2. Confused.
3. Criminal.
4. Calling someone.
5. Dead.
6. Disease.
7. Figures.
8. Hideous.
9. Thieves.
10. Robbers.


Dreams Mental States
1. Diabolic crowd on him.
2. Empty spaces between brain and skull.
3. Imagines himself sick.
4. Neck is too large.
5. People.
6. That we would be murdered.
Insecurity feeling


Dreams Mental States
1. Fire.
2. Amorous.
3. Pleasant.
4. Snakes.
5. Water.
Dr. Ratna Chatterjee
B.H.M.S. (Cal). M.D. (Hom.)
Assistant Prof. (Dept. of Materia Medica),
G.H.M.C. Savli, Vadodara, Gujrat

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