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Common E.N.T. Problems in My Practice

Most common problems that I have encountered in my practice are:
  1. Allergic vasomotor rhinitisCholesteatoma
  2. Deafness
  3. Epistaxis
  4. Facial Nerve Paralysis
  5. Hoarseness
  6. Laryngitis and pharyngitis
  7. Nasal Obstruction
  8. Otitis Media
  9. Sinusitis
  10. Tonsillitis
I would like to discuss some rare remedies for all the above conditions purely from the case history of my patients who have been improved successfully.
I) Allergic Vasomotor Rhinitis
Ambrosia artemisiaefolia
This patient came to me with the complaints of itching of the lids; coryza with lachrymation; hot excoriating watery discharge. The person is extremely allergic to dust, hay, pollen, flowers and house dust. The nasal symptoms gradually descends downwards producing irritation in the trachea followed by asthmatic breathing and wheezy cough; worse night.
I use 3C or 3X potency for epistaxis for other conditions I use 200C and above.
Corallium rubrum
Nasal catarrh but scanty discharge but excessive postnasal drip; the nasal cavity is full of thick crusts and scabs. The person constantly hawks a thick layer of mucus. Epistaxis is more from the left nostril in the night; wing of the nose is tender to touch.
Patient has asthmatic, barking, croupy dry cough that comes in paroxysms of short bouts producing excessive gasping of breath. The coughing bouts are quite tormenting to the patient.
I use 30C potency.
II) Cholesteatoma
Mercurius dulcis
Cholesteatoma is accompanied by severe inflammation of the conjunctiva; the eye blinks rapidly; the tympanic membrane is retracted, thickened and ulcerated; there is an excessive deafness; an offensive breath from the mouth with excessive salivation; there is severe itching in the meatus of the auditory canal and profuse salivation during sleep.
I use 30C potency.
III) Deafness
Lobelia erinus
It is a very useful remedy for deafness due to recurrent middle ear infections or deafness due to compression of the auditory nerve e.g. cancer of the ear, cancer of Nasopharynx, cancer of throat, cancer of epiglottis or deafness due to hypertrophied tonsils.
I use 6C potency.
IV) Epistaxis
Melilotus officinalis
Epistaxis is usually due to congestion in the head or brain or due to hypertension; the nose is dry; epistaxis can also be accompanied by migraine or menstruation or any septicemia. The face is congested; and patient shows high blood pressure.
I use 30C potency.
V) Facial Nerve Paralysis
Cadmium sulphuratum
Facial paralysis that comes after anger or grief; the person is unable to close the eyes; the face is pale and distorted to any one side especially left; due to facial paralysis the speech and swallowing is difficult.
I have also seen many cases of lower motor neuron paralysis of facial nerve after the face has been exposed to direct blast of dry cold wind for e.g. sitting in front of car air condition or sitting near the window of a bus or train.
I use 200C or 1M potency.
VI) Hoarseness
Populous candicans
Hoarseness due to acute coryza; the voice is deep hoarse and finally lost.
I use 6C or 30C potency.
VII) Laryngitis and Pharyngitis
Wyethia helenoides
Excellent medicine for pharyngitis characterised by constant irritation in the pharynx that makes the person clear the throat like crazy; this does not bring any relief to the patient.
The pharynx feels dry and swollen; constant tickling in the epiglottis that leads to coughing.
It is useful for pharyngitis in school teachers, singers and other professional who do lot of public speaking.
I use 6C potency.
I use this remedy in acute laryngitis as a sequel of allergic rhinitis; itching in the throat; deep pain in the throat that extends to the ears; constant tickling in the larynx with husky voice.
I use 30C potency.
VIII) Nasal Obstruction
Sticta Pulmonaria
Dull headache constantly due to nasal obstruction; the obstruction is felt more at the root of the nose; the nasal mucus membrane is dry that compels the patient to constantly blow the nose; blowing the nose fruitlessly without any discharge is a peculiar symptom.
I use 30C or 200C potency.
IX) Otitis Media
Skookum chuck or aqua
Otitis media due to nasal allergy, nasal congestion and sinusitis; the left ear is especially affected. Otitis media usually occur in a damp wet weather
There is a tenderness of mastoid; tonsils are enlarged.
I use 6C potency.
X) Sinusitis
Hydrastis canadensis
It is a good medicine for acute and chronic sinusitis where the discharge from the nose is white clear and viscid in the beginning, later it turns yellowish green and bloody.
Any cold air in contact with the nose will aggravate the condition, however the nose get more choked up in a warm room. Severe bursting headache due to sinusitis; better by hard pressure.
I use 30C or 200C potency.
XI) Tonsillitis
Guajacum officinale
It is one of the most useful remedy in tonsillitis that is accompanied by severe stiffness and dryness of the throat. The swallowing is painful; there is excessive dribbling of the saliva; there is burning pain in the throat; right tonsil is more affected than the left; warm drinks and warm air aggravate the throat pain; pain in throat extends to the ear when swallowing; excessive suppuration in the tonsils.
The tongue coated heavily white like a fur.
I use 30C or 200C potency.


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