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Anxiety, Apathy and Depression — a Comparative Materia Medica

Anxiety — Comparative Materia Medica

Points Ailments From Manifestations Modalities
Arsenicum Album
Grief; Fright;
Fits of passion
Anxiety about health; Fastidious and fussy; Panic attacks; Dependence; Careful; Fear of death; Fear of cancer and heart diseases; Despair of recovery; Fear when alone
< mid-day and mid-night
Mental strain;
Needs security (will stay at home, which is more familiar than hospital); Overwhelmed; Seeks protection; Night terrors; Philosophise life after death; Needs support; Anxiety about health; Fear of disease; Despair of recovery; Overburdened; Duty and responsibility; Confused; Fear of cancer, infections and Tb; Despair of recovery; Anxiety about after life; Easily frightened
< after midnight, early morning, new and full moon, mental exertion
> rubbing
Prolonged history of suppression of:
Anger; Apprehension;  Irritability; Fear; Fright; Unhappiness
Guilt feeling (anxiety of conscience); Skip God (blame God);  Refuses to be controlled; Delusions self sacrifice; Sentimental; Sympathetic; Romantic; Domination aggravates; Desire to travel; Loves dancing; Loves animals; Destructive
< domination, while thinking of complaints, when alone and from consolation
> sea side, company and while occupied
Phosphorus Anger; Fear; Grief; Worry; Mental exertion; Strong emotions Loquacious; Amative; Apathetic; Unpleasant impressions quickly prostrates; Impressionable; Physician dependent; Re-assurable; Gullible; Disgust of life; Fears disease; Fears death; Fears something bad will happen; Fears calamity; Fears alone; Spacey; Apathetic
< physical or mental exertion, music
> rubbing and in the dark
Grief; Mortification;
Sorrow; Suppressed menses
Wants to please; Cannot refuse anything, but gives to receive; Places responsibility on others; Can be manipulative to get attention; Forsaken; Craves consolation; Fanatic; Rigid, religious ideas; Excessive praying; Calm but changeable; Demanding (can be manipulative to get attention); Timid; Malleable; Consolation ameliorates; Needs reassurance; Emotional; Tearful
< Evening and night, crying = sulky
> Consolation
Mental labour; Suppression of skin diseases; Anticipation; Emotional excitement; Mental etiologies;  Loss of wealth, property and relationship
Anxious while riding in a carriage; Nature: Anxious,  lachrymal, fearful,  suicidal; Disposition: Anxious,  hopeless, restless; Religioius melancholy; Hopelesslness; Fears he will die or fail in his business; Take sorriest view of every thing; Despair of salvation and recovery; Depression: Likes to be alone; Fears poverty; Fears not being loved; Fears failure; Fears cancer; Fears health; Lack of will power; Lack of positive thoughts (pessimistic); Lack of energy; Lack of life impulse; Lack of ambition; Lack of hope
< Emotions, before thunderstorm, during full moon, periodically
> Lying down
Apathy — Lesser Known Comparative Materia Medica
Points Ailments From Manifestations Modalities Associated Symptoms
Potency of
Anacardium Overexertion of mind; Involvement in stress;  Work for examination Nerve exhaustion from over-study and sexual excesses; Imparied emory; Depression; Diminution of senses; Lacks self-confidence; Aversion to work; Brain fag; Loss of memory
< Morning, 4 p.m.
Headache > by lying down (Ref. Clarke), eating and rubbing
Heart-shaped nut ->courage imparting properties -> examination funk; Paralytic weakness; Swollen fingers; Cramps 30C and 200C
Workaholics; Overexertion of body and mind; Involvement in business; Studies Exhaustion and debility; Nervous palpitations; Masturbation; Impotency; Sexual debility with mental restlessness; Physical debility after exhaustive diseases; Emotional; Memory weakness; Absent minded; Neurasthenic -> Nerve tremors -> Strength of hands diminished; Tired and exhausted, but cannot sleep; Sleeplessness especially of alcoholics; Neurasthenia of workaholics; Nerve weakness (+++) -> Nervous exhaustion  Absent mindedness
< Concentration
> Rest
Exhaustion and debility: Inability to keep mind calm -> nervous headache; Nervous tremors -> neurasthenia; Chorea; Numbness of extremities 30C and 200C
Kali Phosphoricum Excitement; Worry; Overwork; Sexual excitement (suppressed); Mechanical injuries Emotional debility; Forgetful; Absent minded; Depression; Neurasthenia; Lethargy -> indisposition to meet people; Numbness and tingling; Disinclined to converse
< Excitement, worry, mental and physical exertion, 3–5 A.M., noise
> Nourishment, rest, day light (nervousness >), lying down; warmth, eating (occipital headache >)
Debility: Muscles and Nerves               ->paralytic weakness; Craves ice cold water; Craves vinegar; Craves sweets; Sensitiveness (+++) to all impressions; Nervous and restless; Startles easily; Anxiety; Weak memory (brain fag); Suspiciousness; Home-sickness; Tearful; Fearful; Suited to pale sensitive and irritable persons 6x tablets (4 tablets  in ½ cup of luke warm water -> 8 hourly ->S.O.S. ->as and when required -> stop as soon as the improvement ensues)
Phosphoric Acid Loss of vital fluids; Ravages of acute diseases; Long succession of moral emotions; Disappointed affection; Grief;  Sorrow; Sexual excesses; Over indulgence; Over study; Over lifting; Bad nerve; Chagrin; Separation from home; Shock
Mental debility followed by physical debility; Trembling -> stumbles easily; Chest weak; Delirium -> stupor; Sexual debility ->lack of erection; Pale sickly complexion
< Music (Ref. Clarke), evening, mental affections, warm room, mental and physical
exertion, from being talked to,  sexual excess
> Short sleep,  from keeping warm
Though every discharge debilitate, but one drain that does not: non-debilitating diarrhoea; Sexual emission: most desire; Profound weakness, but short sleep > after; Haemorrhagic (passive, dark blood); Tall, slim and slender
1x liquid (8 drops in ½ cup of luke warm water ->8 hourly -> S.O.S. -> as and when required -> stop as soon as the improvement ensues)
Picric Acid Fatigue; Study; Mental exertion; Overstudy; Concentration Prostration: Mental: Lack of will power; Listless; Indifferent; Sits still without taking interest in anything; Mental exertion <; Least study = burning along spine and occipital headache; Brain fag; Muscular debility -> paralytic weariness (in ultimate stage); Prostration — Physical: Heavy tired feeling; Neurasthenia: Nerve -> Brain fag; Neurasthenia: Muscular  Heavy limbs
< Motion, walking, from study, mental exertion, after sleep, wet weather
All complaints
< in summer
> Binding head tightly (headache >), open air, cold room
Sexual ->hard erection (morbid excitement) ->as if the penis would burst -> profuse emission -> exhaustion and backache; Mental, muscular and sexual weakness; Backache; Headache 30 C
Grief; Anger;  Fright; Night watching; Suppression of eruptions and discharges
Features of Zincum:
Fag; Fidgety; Nervousness; Nerve affections
Features of Valeriana:
Hysteric manifestation; Hyperaesthesia; Spasms and cramps; Sleeplessness
< Rest, evening,  night, warm room (of Zincum)
< Before midnight (cannot sleep before midnight) [of Valeriana]
> Emissions (of Zincum)
> Rubbing (of Valeriana)
> After sleep (of Valeriana)
Spasm ->sleep -> insomnia; Sleepless and restless; fidgety; nerve -> neuralgia 6x triturations (¼ tea-spoon in ½ cup of luke warm water -> 8 hourly -> S.O.S. -> as and when required -> stop as soon as the improvement ensues)
Depression — Comparative Materia Medica
Points Ailments from Manifestations Modalities
Aurum Met Disappointed love; Reserved displeasure; Grief; Anger; Drug and alcohol abuse; Business humiliations Suicidal: constantly dwells (+++) -> brooding;  Speeding; Jumping from height;  Quarrelsome; Depressed;  Hasty (cannot do things fast enough); Sets high standards  when fails  devastated; Fears: height, heart would stop beating < Winter, music, silence, when plans or thinks or suicide
Prolonged history of suppression of:
(a) Anger,
(b) Apprehension,
(c) Irritability,
(d) Fear and fright,
(e) Unhappiness
Sensitive and soft; Unfulfilled; Reckless; Rebellious; Destructive; Loves traveling and excitement
< Domination, while thinking of complaints, when alone, consolation
> Sea side, company and while occupied.
Natrum Mur Disappointed love; Grief; Rejection; Humiliation; Betrayal Closed and withdrawn;  Defensive and resentful (on the guard); Difficult to forgive; Loneliness and introverted; Sensitive < From consolation
Acid Phos.  Grief; Sorrow; Disappointment of love; Embarrassment and humiliation; Home sickness Mental debility: Indifference, listless, apathetic; Stupefied with grief; Difficult comprehension; Withdrawn socially — dislike to talk < From mental affections
Psorinum Emotional excitement and anticipation; Loss of wealth and relationship Anxious and quarrelsome;  Pessimistic; Suicidal; Depressed: Hopeless; Introvert; Takes sorriest view of everything; Forgetful < Full moon, periodic, before a storm
Pulsatilla Grief; Mortification; Sorrow; Suppressed menses
Changeability; Weepy; Closed; Emotional; Demanding; Tender; Stubborn; Forsaken; Emotional and tearful; Demanding;
Bashful; Taciturn
< Evening and night, from crying = sulky
> Consolation
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