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A Brief Briefing of LM Potency

Hahnemann completed the fifth edition of the Organon in 1833 and the sixth edition by the end of 1841. He wrote a letter dated 20th February, 1842, to Schwabe, his publisher in Dusseldorf saying that ‘I have now after 18 months of work finished the sixth edition of my Organon, the most nearly perfect of all.’ After stating his preference as to the type and paper he asked Schwabe if he would publish it, but before the negotiations were completed, Hahnemann died on 2nd July 1843.
Even by 1921, in the 6th edition, of a new method of potentising remedies, the LM potencies, did not, at the time, start a revolution towards their use. In fact it was a further 33 years, in 1954, that Dr Pierre Schmidt of Geneva published essays about his experiences using the LM scale. Since then only a few have carried the flame in Europe and India, but recently the worldwide growth of homeopathy has started to look again at the LM potencies which Hahnemann describes, in a footnote to § 270 as being “the most powerful and at the same time mildest in action i.e. as the most perfect.”
Precursor of the Idea of LM Potency
This first breakthrough came in 1837, when the chapter in the ‘Chronic Diseases’ called ‘Concerning the technical part of Homeopathy’ described a new pulsing method for administering the centesimal potencies. This led to a change in the dosing of the remedies because the “variety among patients as to their irritability, age, spiritual and bodily development necessitate a great variety in their treatment and administration to them of the doses of medicines”.   Hahnemann felt that the ‘single dose and wait’ philosophy left too long a period of inaction and the speed of cure was often too slow as the practitioner could do nothing but wait for the remedy to complete its curative curve. Also, from his many comments about violent reactions of the remedies, the sensitive patients he saw, were producing undesirable aggravations which he constantly sought to escape from.
A Case of Psoriasis 
Patient’s name:  Mrs R. S.
Age / Sex: 50 years / Female
Address:  Delhi
DOC: 17 March, 2010
Presenting Complaint
Psoriasis since 10 years; cracks were present on the soles of feet. The patient used to apply steroid on the cuts twice daily. Walking was painful and the patient was unable to put weight on his feet. The complaint started from the left foot and then traversed to the right one. The patient experienced similar type of complaint at the age of 10 years. On examination, the entire sole of both the feet was inflamed and red.
Past History 
Koch’s (pulmonary) at the age of 19 years
Family History
  • Mother – CA Breast
  • Father – Heart complaint
  • Sister – Arthritis
Menstrual History
Menopause at the age 46 years; she used to feel more active during menses. The patient had a great sense of general well being during menses.
Personal History
The patient’s parents died when she was young. As she was the eldest in the family, she had taken all the responsibilities of the household on herself. And for this reason, the patient got married at a late age. She had exhausted herself in taking care of her younger siblings and her home. Although she wanted to do much for herself but was unable to do so in the course of taking care of her family which had left an impression of great grief in the mind of patient.
Physical Generals
  • Appetite – Moderate
  • Thirst – Moderate
  • Desire – Chocolates, Butter +++, Cold food
  • Sleep – Sound, for short duration, makes her feel good
  • Bowels – Regular; satisfactory
  • Urine – Clear
  • Thermal Reaction – Hot
Mental Generals
  • History of grief +++ (Patient got married in the late years of age as she had to take the responsibility of her family after the untimely death of her parents)
  • Feeling of jealousy at the workplace
  • Cannot tolerate tight clothing
On Observation
Tongue – Posterior part of the tongue slightly coated; bluish discolouration; mild trembling
Lachesis LM 1/16 / TDS/for 2 weeks
Basis of Prescription
The complaint of Psoriasis started when the patient was at the climacteric age. It started from the left foot and traversed to the right foot gradually. The patient used to feel more active and had a great sense of general well being during the menstrual flow. Bluish discoloration of tongue, trembling of tongue, workplace jealousy, intolerance of tight clothing and hot temperament were some of the other indications that pointed towards Lachesis as the choice of remedy in this case.
Follow Up
March 29, 2010
The cracks of the left foot started drying up; however, new cuts started appearing. The patient had difficulty in walking. Internally, the patient felt that she will be fine in the due course. There was no change in the appetite and thirst of patient.
Lachesis LM 2/16 / TDS for 2 weeks
April 09, 2010
New cracks appeared on the left foot. The right foot was much better. There was also a swelling on the left foot. Patient as a whole was feeling much better.
Tongue – red tip; trembling
Lachesis LM 3- 4/16 / TDS for 4 weeks
May 24, 2010
The cracks were coming apart, peeling off; eruptions improving with scab like scattered areas.
Sac. lac. 30/2 doses
Lachesis LM 5-6/16 / TDS for 1 month
June 16, 2010
The eruptions were drying up and scales were being formed. The complaint started from the left foot and the recovery has started from the right foot.
Sac. Lac. 30/2 doses
Lachesis LM 7/16 / TDS for 1month
July 28, 2010
The patient as a whole was much better. The eruptions were improving and the patient did not have any difficulty in walking. No other complaint.
Sac. Lac. 30/2 doses
Lachesis LM 9-10/16 / TDS for 4 months
November 8, 2010
The general condition of patient was much better. Both the feet were clearing up of the lesions and the new skin was coming. The patient has stopped taking steroids anymore.
Lachesis LM 11-12/16 / BD for 4 months
About the Author
Dr Rashid Akhtar did his BHMS from Calcutta University and was awarded Dr Gyan Mujumdar Scholarship award in 2001. He is a strong believer in the power of classical homeopathy and approximately 90% of his clinical practice is based upon the usage of LM Potency. He is currently working as a Lecturer of Organon of Medicine in Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and is an active participant and speaker in various seminars.

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