“Why, the heart of course ,” would be the immediate and astonished answer of any knowledgeable person, when asked what was the most important muscle in the body.
The answer is assuredly correct as regards continuance of life, but many folks who are unaware that they have a heart, are sadly conscious that the musculature which controls the bladder and its exit can lay an almost intolerable burden on them during their waking hours.                                                    .If any reader wonders why I choose to discourse on such a grisly subject as the waywardness of waterworks on a morning which is making a determined attempt to
masquerade as an old-time summer day, I have an unshakeable defence. Come and sit in
my consulting room and listen to some of the stories from patients whose lives can be a
Only two hours ago, I had a ‘phone call from a vigorous lady of nearly 90, whose life
has been transformed through a few doses of Sepia, yet the tentacles of a large and
supremely muscular Cuttlefish could not force her into the framework of the familiar
textbook description.
I think that those who, like myself, were completely untaught in Homoeopathy,
gradually learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.
A healthy youth is invited to join a number of his contemporaries for a cross-country
walk over the moors. However willing he is to go, a knowledge of the terrain reminds him
that it is completely bare and open, no shelter or dyke of any kind. So he thinks up some
laboured excuses which are obviously disbelieved, and is thereafter regarded as churlish.
Some folks are shy of telling us what is wrong and ask a friend to ring up, when
shopping is a nightmare. A number of patinets returning from collecting the daily rations
cannot leap out of the car quickly enough and, if the key sticks in the door for a moment
then there is a local tragedy.
In quite a number of cases, the patient is told that nothing wrong can be discovered.
Fortunately, the presence or absence of labels does not affect the hornoeopath and it is
amazing how often these cases can be helped.
The improvement may be caused by charging up the nervous batteries but what
matters is that many a person begins to find they can hold out for 21/2hours, an amazing
improvement for them. Others have a slow and stealthy leak. It is interesting to note that
many folks are not troubled at night time at all.
There are folks who are quite safe normally, but any extra strain can precipitate an
escape, laughing, coughing, sneezing, reaching up above the head and so on.
lf any homoeopath wishes to die of a broken heart, let him try some of the drugs so
glibly and prominently recommended for the trouble. Of course, most of these cases can
be helped but we have often to hunt for the right medicines.
Effects of Damp and Chill
People can be affected by climatic conditions. Most folks know the difference between
summer and winter. Getting the feet chilled or wet can start off a number of patients, but
fortunately, this does point to certain medicines.’ Wet grass can cause cystitis,
inflammation of the bladder.
It is really wonderful how recurrent cystitis and other troubles can yield to the correct
medicine. It can be very easy to afford speedy relief to these painful attacks of cystitis,
but a permanent cure may not be obtainable till we find the deep-acting rnedicine. Time
and again the acute symptoms recur and yield to the seemingly indicated medicine, but
till we dig down deeper, they will recur.
To show how little it can take to stop our wonderful medicines from acting, I
remember how a peppermint sweet put the brake on Cantharis immediately, and how the
medicine had to be repeated. The patient was suffering from very painful cystit which
two doses of Cantharis had cured but her sister happened to come in and gave  her a
I give every new patient a printed page of blood-curdling directions, because  now and
then a medicine will be completely antidoted and the case may baffle us if we don’t know
why the benevolent action has stopped. Coffee will not stop every remedy from  acting
but it can certainly neutralise quite a number. I remember when Psorinum was acting too
strongly in my own carcass, how quickly two cups of coffee acted.
While on the subject of Cantharis, I remember a case which exemplified the first rule
of Homoeopathy, to treat the patient, not the name of the disease.
A lady shared in the obvious symptoms of an influenza epidemic with severe bladder
disturbance as well, burning pain, etc. I was new to the homoeopathic trade in those days,
but managed to give Cantharis which cured the bladder and the typical influenza just ran
for its life. In two hours, the patient was quite comfortable
We have to do patchwork on so many cases that are brought to us in a parlous
condition, that it is always a joy to see a seemingly hopeless case completely cured. A
lady had undergone very extensive surgery and was left with a fistula, an opening which
allowed a constant escape. How grateful she was for her complete restoration to
normal-and small wonder.
Many cases of wayward waterworks are cured when some mechanical or surgical
condition is rectified, but this article is mainly about those who have had plenty of
allopathy. As the years pass, muscles can sag and an operation does not necessarily help.
Posture can affect many.
Some folks can sit all day in a car, but have to make a “breenge” for the toilet as soon
as they set foot on the ground, while others can only hold out when walking. Rhus tox.
obviously cured one of these. I had some patients in whom rising from a chair or sitting
down was fatal. These nice differentiations can help us at times.
Inherited Tendencies
Some folks are born with certain susceptibilities to food and drink, which make the
kidneys very active. Tea and coffee can be very powerful diuretics, and the reverse is true
also, as coffee can slow the waterworks down in some people.
It is astonishing how long some people can hold out, perhaps, almost for a day which
may give a strong hint for Pulsatilla. Many: years ago, when I was a young resident in a
small hospital, operations began at 2 p.m. on Thursdays and, if necessary, went on till 11
p.m. Not a soul left the theatre. They must have been issued with special bladders!
The one surgeon, one of these all-round general practitioners, did all the surgery and a
very good craftsman he was. This species has died out now with the advent of the Health
Service, which is a pity. I still remember how I would put a “fly cup of tea” in the
antetheatre for the Sister and Staff Nurse, and how they would nip out for a few second!
How refreshing they found it!
There are very few cases which cannot be helped, provided the essential condition is
fulfilled, to allow the homoeopath sufficient time. A number of new patients, whatever the trouble is, say in rather fearful tones:” I suppose I must be worse before I’m  better.” This homoeopaths aggravation is never a bad sign, but is of good omen, and it does not happen often.
There is one precaution we can take when the patient has had a great many vaccinations. We must handle these cases gently, and there is no need to give very high potencies to antidote 20 to 25 vaccinations, as the urinary tract may ingnore all trade union rules and work far beyond overtime, in response to such a powerful stimulus. In these cases, I find it much better to begin with quite low potencies and gradually ascend.
A homoeopathic colleague of mine, dead these many years, would bluntly tell these over-vaccinated patients that he doubted if he could help them, which was much too severe and pessimistic a view. They usually respond nicely of coaxed and are not bashed on the head with CM potency.
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