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Resuscitation in Typhoid

Typhoid is an infectious disease with prevalence in the developing countries. Usually, typhoid fever takes around three weeks to get cured by the modern medicine. Although the fever subsided within five to six days of treatment, the patient looses appetite and becomes weak.
Homeopathic medicines can treat both fever and anorexia of typhoid fever.
Best used medicines are:
Baptisia – Nash in his leaders in typhoid fever details to give it in initial stage of typhoid if symptoms suits. Bed feels hard and the part rested upon feel sore and bruised (Arnica). Fever with stupor, answers partially to the question at stupor. Brownish tongue, offensive smell from the mouth.
Muriatic acid – Moaning during fever, Thirst-less during heat, sliding down in bed from excessive weakness. Tongue dry, Leathery and shrunken, Stool involuntary while passing urine.
Phosphoricum acid – Dry tongue, Tongue sticks to the palate, Sensation as if, Cotton in the mouth, yet no thirst. Stupor, apathy, indifference; unaware of the surroundings, using wrong words during stupor, A/f loss of vital fluids.
Arsenic alb – Burning heat with thirst in sips, burning eyes, coryza with chills, sensation as if, hot water is running in vein, wants to be covered. Prostration and weakness; Inner heat with external cold.
Other remedies like Arnica, Belladonna, Rhus tox, Bryonia, Camphor, Pulsatilla, Nux vom are prescribed according to the symptom similarity,
Along with this, some mother tinctures if added to the Similimum will improve the appetite of the patient in a very short time.
Alfalfa – it is a known fact that Salmonella typhi causes ulcers in the intestine. This mother tincture will quickly heal the ulcer and the patient will develop appetite.
Ginseng – this will revitalize the patient.

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