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ABSTRACT: Sexual disorders are experienced by any one at any time in their lives for many reasons or no reason what so ever while many sexual issues can be trace back to the physical problem or a sudden change in one’s life circumstances. Many sexual disorder causes are not well known or understood. Erectile dysfunction is most common sexual disorder which hinder individual’s personal and social life.
KEYWORDS: Lost Manhood, ED, Impotentia, Nervous Impotence.
Sexual dysfunction or sexual malfunction or disorder is difficult experience by person or couple during any stage of a normal sexual activity including physical pleasure, arousal or orgasm. Sexual disorder does not mean something wrong with you. Only that person experiencing kind of issue that can suddenly affect anyone ,at any time, for any reason or no reason .There are many sexual issues to which individual suffers .One of the most common sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. The Latin term impotentia coeundi describe simple inability to insert the penis into vagina, it is now precisely use as ED. A man is considered to have erectile dysfunction when he has regular difficulty in getting or maintaining a firm enough erection to be able to achieve sexual penetration.
To know why this occurs and how this occurs so as to bring person back to normal with ease.
Erectile Function:
Blood inflow into corpus cavernosum of penis is under tonic sympathetic control via nerves from the thoraco- lumber plexus which maintain smooth muscle contraction. In response to afferent input from glans penis and from higher centers, pelivic splanic parasympathic  nerves actively relax the cavernosal smooth muscle via neurotransmitter such as nitric oxide ,acetylcholine vasoactive  intestinal polypeptide which consequent dilation of lacunar space. At the same time, draing venules are compressed and possible actively constricted, trapping blood in lacunar space with consequent elevation of pressure and tumescene of penis.
A penile erection is hydraulic effect of blood entering and being retained in a sponge like bodies within the penis. Process is often initiated as result of sexual arousal, when signals are transmitted from the brain to nerves in the penis.
Causes of ED:
·         Hypogonadism with reduced libido.
·         Depression with intact libido.
·         Psychological problems including anxiety.
·         Vascular insufficiency.
·         Neurological causes like diabetes mellitus, alcohol excess, and multiple sclerosis.
·         Drugs
Psychological and vascular neuropathic causes are more common except diabetes mellitus where as endocrine causes uncommon
Psychological causes of ED:
Guilt, fear of intimacy, depression, severe anxiety.
Psychological impotency or nervous impotency
Psychological impotency or nervous impotency is temporary result of some mental emotion; generally occur with young men who have not, on the whole, carried masturbation to excess and frightened at the nightly emission, excited by the novelty of situation and by other emotions they find they are unable to perform the sexual act and jump to conclusion that “ruin in mind and body” is become very gloomy and depressed. Men are oppressed by the fear of being laughed at, they recalled what other men of acquaintance have boasted of their powers and compare those boast with their own untried or little tried ability. The whole trouble is simply lack confidence in their own power so they feel they lost their manhood and this feeling continuously goes on the back of mind.
Scope of homoeopathy in treatment of ED
As ED can have severe psychological consequences. It can tied to relationship difficulties and masculine self image .so as to restore lost manhood individuals seek all sort of ways available. Aphrodisiacs i.e. drugs employed to force the sexual desire, of which there are many in the market, generally secret preparations. The use of these is harmful. And even where they may succeeding forcing the sexual desire but temporary and later may left in worse state than before.
Homoeopathy is gentle way to handle this problem because it work on physical as well as mental plane and take care of patient about which he bother most.
Mother tincture:
Avena sativa, daminana, and Ashwaganda mother tincture one dose each in 5 drops doses cures impotency, sparmatorrea and nervous debility.
Homoeopathic Drugs for ED:
Agnus Castus, Baryta Carb., Ignatia, Lyco., Phos. Acid.
Knowing ED through various important rubrics:
·         Impotency resulting from excessive sexual intercourse- Lyco.
·         Deficiency of sexual instinct- Agnus Castus.
·         Partial Impotency where emission during coition is too quick followed by great prostration and weakness- Calc. Carb.
·         Sexual passion is simply dormant without any real impotence but with deficient voluntary erection-Conium, Lyco., Cann., Calc.
·         Complete impotence and erection during intercourse are too short too weak or entirely wanting –lyco,sulph,Ignat
·         Impotence with lascivious fancies-cannab, conium, caladium.
·         Erection troublesome-canth, nux vomica, phos, pic.acid,
·         Erection troublesome at morning-am-carb
·         Erection troublesome at night –canth
·         Erection Erection delayed-bar.carb
·         Incomplete –agn,con,graph,lyco,sep,sulph.
·         Erection incomplete coition during –graph,lyco,sulph.
·         Erection wanting (impotency)-agn,bar.carb,caldium,calc,calc sulph,chin,con,med,Lyco,phos,sel,sep,sulph,
·         Erection wanting (impotency)-contience from-conium
·         Penis relaxed when excited –calad.
·         Penis small and cold-agnus ,lyco.
·         Erection (of penis) incomplete, deficient- Agn, Arg.nit ,Baryta.Carb, Con, calc Sulp, Graph,Lyco ,medo.nux v, phos, sele
·         Impotence incomplete (erection falling)-calad,iod
·         Penis relaxed when excited-calad
·         Penis relaxed when excited sadness with-kali br.
·         Penis relaxed when excited
·         Suddenly-floric acid
·         Erection,penis incomplete-agn.graph,con,lyco,sulph,
·         Erection,penis incomplete -Sex during-graph,lyco,sulph,
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