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Desperate Surgical Cases

I would like to present a few cases to illustrate the action of the Homeopathic remedy in desperate surgical cases. I have so much to share from the thirty three years of my hospital practice but before that I want to show my gratitude to late Dr Arun Samsi (Director of Surgery, KEM Hospital) who taught me and encouraged me so much that what I am today with my knowledge of surgical therapeutics is all because of him.
In the KEM hospital OPD as well as indoor we used a lot of homeopathic medicine because Dr Samsi was a great believer of homeopathy. I want to mention two cases where homeopathic remedy prevented surgery.
Case I 
It was a case of a Maharashtrian young lady aged 34 years who had two children and had recently aborted, since then she had continuous bleeding. The bleeding was of a dark brown offensive blood. Associated with this was low grade abdominal pain especially in the lower abdomen, it was crampy pain worse by exertion, jar, deep inspiration and tight clothes and better by flexing her legs on her abdomen. Her gynecologist examined her and advised dilatation and curettage which she underwent, but even after three days after the procedure the bleeding was still persisting, she was admitted to the ward, and was referred by her gynecologist to see if homeopathic  remedies could help.
Her other complains were low grade fever with sudden spike of temperature to 103 degree between 9 pm to 11 pm with no perspiration and no chills. O/E the lower abdomen was very tender to touch, her Hb was 8.3 grams, and her leucocyte count was 22,000. With this information she was suspected of having peritonitis and was told that if she did not get better in 48 hours she would undergo major surgery. She was given Bryonia alba 200 C, 8 hourly for one day, The next day she reported to me that she had a high temperature throughout the night, which indicated a danger of peritonitis. She also complained to me of headache accompanied by nausea and better by cold application, her pulse was 120 per minute full volume, and so I gave her Bryonia alba 1M every 3 hours for one day. There was immediate recovery after the remedy and in 4 days the patient was totally normal with absence of all symptoms.
Case II 
This was an emergency case, a man of 42 years old who had an injury on the right forearm and hand after an accident in his factory. He went to a nearby hospital and got himself treated with cleaning of the wound  and antibiotics and but within 48 hours he was feeling very drowsy, with a high fever and swelling of the wound with lots of secretion coming out. His condition deteriorated and he was admitted to KEM hospital for further management. The secretions showed septicemia with staphylococcus aureus and Proteus mirabalis. The leucocyte count showed 42,000, and he had a very high fever ranging from 103 to 104 degrees. There was low muttering delirium with constant sleepiness. The surgeon informed me that he needed second surgery on the wound as there was too much infection and antibiotics are not helping him. He was very slowly passing in to a coma, so I gave him Hyoscyamus niger 200 C for 2 days without much relief. Now he was much worse then I saw him with his new set of symptoms, his symptoms were:
  • Red dark face
  • Delirium, recognizes no one
  • Low muttering delirium
  • Delirium with sopor
  • Foul odour from the breath
  • Eyelids half closed
  • Tongue coated dark brown
  • Offensive diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Offensive sweat
Along with the above symptoms all his previous symptoms were present.
I gave him Baptisia tinctoria 200 every 3 hours which instantly relieved all his complaints; his wound was less infected, he became totally conscious in 24 hours and his leucocyte count became normal over the next 10 days.

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