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Critical Study of Hahnemann’s New 50th Millesimal Scale Drugs vis-à-vis Centesimal Scale Drugs in Homeopathic Treatment of Diseases

Dr Hahnemann found from his experiments that Homeopathic drugs in serial dilutions became more and more potent in their efficacy for the treatment of diseases as the dilution is increased. He was unable to give any rational explanation in those days. The theoretical and mathematical aspects of the healing powers of Homeopathy could be explained using De Broglie’s Hypothesis on the duality nature of particles, wave theory, Lorentz’s Law, Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic induction etc.
1.1 Preparation of 50 Millesmal Potency
The mode of preparation according to this new method has not yet been widely found in any Homeopathic pharmacopoeia. Hahnemann himself enunciated this in the § 270-271 and their foot notes (No. 150 to 157) of theOrganon. It is to be noted that there is no conformity between the mode of preparation of centesimal and 50 Millesimal scale of potencies. The latter one is absolutely new and different.
The mode of preparation is given below in brief.8
Three successive triturations are prepared from the original substance. Then, the original substance, 1drop (1grain) + 100 grains of sugar of milk + 1 hour trituration by grinding, pounding, scraping etc. Likewise three successive triturations (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd trituration) are prepared from the original substance (or mother substance). The ratio of each trituration will be 1:100. One grain from the third trituration is taken and is dissolved by necessary shaking in a solution consisting of 100 drops of alcohol and 400 drops of distilled water. This is the fourth stratum called, the mother potency of the new method. The ratio is 1:500. One drop from the 4th stage is to be mixed with 100 drops of alcohol. This to be succussed 100 times. This is the 1st potency (M/1 or 0/1 or LM/1). Proportion is 1:50000. Poppy-seed-like globules (No. 10. Globules) are necessary with one drop of this 1st potency (i.e. LM/1), 500 globules (of which 100 weigh one grain i.e. number 10 globules) are to be soaked. Then one such medicated globule is put in a one drachm glass vial and one drop of distilled water is added to it for its dissolution. Then, 100 drops of alcohol are added into this vial and succussed 100 times. This is the 2nd potency (i.e. LM/2) of the new method. In this way dilutions may be raised from LM/3 to LM/30 or as needed.
1.2 Dosage
In §248, it has been mentioned that:
  1. In very urgent cases, well selected medicine is to be administered every hour or oftener.
  2. In general acute cases, medicine is to be applied after every two to six hours.
  3. In long lasting diseases i.e. in chronic diseases daily or every second day.
These are the general laws of application of medicines of 50 Millesmal scale. Hahnemann says, ‘should there appear during almost daily repetition of the well indicated homeopathic remedy, towards the end of the treatment of a chronic disease, so called (§161) homeopathic aggravations by which the balance of the morbid symptoms seem to again somewhat increase (the medicinal) disease, similar to the original, now alone persistently manifests itself. The doses in that case must then be reduced still further and repeated in longer intervals and possibly stopped several days, the convalescence need no further medical aid. The apparent in order to see if symptoms (Schein-symptoms) caused by the excess of the homeopathic medicine will soon disappear and leave undisturbed health in its wake’. (§248) There will be almost no medical aggravation in chronic cases if doses are applied in proper smallest size. At the end of the treatment, when it appears that there is still no need for further medicine, aggravation comes. If aggravation comes at the start of the treatment, we are to realise that the doses of medicine have been too large or the selection of the remedy is wrong. In this way, we are to follow up of the case after application of every dose of selected medicine.
1.3 In Place of One Dose, now Many Divided Doses
The well selected medicine of this new method may now be given daily and for months in gradually higher potencies and changed doses. In chronic diseases every correctly chosen homeopathic medicine even those whose action is of long duration may be repeated daily for months with ever increasing succe
1.4 Only Potency is to be Changed
Diseases, especially chronic, do not aggravate suddenly, but gradually and slowly. It is the nature of the chronic diseases so the potency of the medicine should likewise be increased gradually by degrees. The cure also comes gradually and slowly, it is the nature of real cure that is thehomeopathic cure. This mode of administration of medicine is more logical and more scientific since it is quite compatible with the progress of the state of disease.
1.5 What should be the Potency of the 2nd Prescription?
The Organon is not definitely clear in this respect. Suppose all the symptoms of Sulphur (of 1st prescription disappeared after a patient took sulphurfrom LM/1 to LM/3 successively. The totality of Calcarea appeared. The newly selected medicine also is to be started from the lower degree of dynamisation. The reason is that the patient absorbed up to LM/3 of sulphur but not so of calcarea. So it logical and scientific to begin afresh from LM/1 to LM/6 in case of any new medicine. This is the safest way also.
1.6 From What Potency to Start?
Treatment of any patient, both acute and chronic, is to be started from LM/1 to LM/6 and advance is made in the same way to higher degrees as and when necessary, in gradually ever more powerful but mildly acting degrees.
Hahnemann had cleared our misapprehensions and misconceptions about potencies with his new 50 millesimal method in the Organon (6th edition). We have not yet been able to discover any instrument to ascertain which potency is acceptable or disagreeable to the vitality of the morbid body. So it is safe, reasonable and scientific to start from the lowest degrees mentioned in the Organon.
1.7 If Aggravation is Found During treatment
If there is any aggravation during the course of treatment, we have to decide whether the aggravation is 1) Similar 2) Dissimilar
  1. Similar aggravation: If the aggravation corresponds to the totality of the symptoms found at the 1st prescription. e.g., Fever in patient suffering from it, asthma in asthma patient. In such a case, it must be definitely taken for granted that the doses were altogether too large. Aggravations due to these sorts of large doses appear from the first dose. It will be so in every subsequent dose.
  2. Dissimilar aggravation: Aggravation due to appearance of new symptoms which were not found in the patient previously may be termed as dissimilar aggravations.

If this happens, we must realise that
3. There is no need for the medicine of first prescription
4. The first prescription was wrong
5. The case history of the patient is to be recorded afresh.
6. On the basic of the totality of symptoms, the second time medicine is to be selected.

1.8 Aggravation at the end of Treatment
It is very rare, but if it appears, it is only in chronic cases of very long standing (§247). Such increase of the original symptoms of a chronic disease can appear only at the end of treatment when the cure is almost or quite finished. The doses in that case must then be reduced still further and repeated in longer intervals and possibly stopped several days in order to see if the convalescence needs no further medical aid.
1.9 Antidote During Aggravation
If the aggravation is considerable, it be partially neutralised as soon as possible by an antidote, before giving the next remedy chosen more accurately according to similarity of action.
If the troublesome symptoms are not very violent, the next remedy must be given immediately in order to take the place of the improperly selected one. The well informed and conscientiously careful physician will never be in a position to require an antidote in his practice if he begins to give the selected medicine in the smallest possible dose. A like minute dose of a better chosen remedy will re-establish order throughout. (§249)
Perseverance, hard labour and love for the sick are the only prerequisites to be a rational and dynamic physician.
1.10 Other Causes of Aggravation
Environments, atmosphere ecological hazards, irregularities, indiscriminate taking of food and drinks, are the other reasons for aggravation. In such cases, the way of life shall have to be changed as for as practicable to help cure. Foods, drinks and other ways of life shall have to be well regulated as far as possible so that all the obstacles to recovery may be removed.
1.11 Use of 50 Millesimal Scale Drug
The medicine under this new method generally cannot be administered in a dry condition. LM/1, LM/2, LM/3 solutions must be carefully prepared under laboratory conditions. 4 oz. vials of this drug and put 7 equal marks on the vial. The vial shall have to be succussed 8, 10, 12 times as necessary before use. Take one dose (one part of 7 parts in the vial) in a clean glass and add 4 oz. of pure drinking water in it. Stir it well with a clear glass stirrer, and then take one dose (one or several tea spoonful) out of it. This is the first dose throw away the rest. All subsequent doses are to be taken in this way for seven days taking one part each day
1.12 If Aggravation Occurs with such Dose
If the patient is unusually excited and sensitive, a tea-spoonful of this solution may be put in a second glass of water, add 4 oz. of water it, thoroughly, stir with a clean glass stirrer and tea-spoonful doses (one or more) be given. There are patients of so great sensitiveness that a third or a fourth glass similarly prepared may be necessary. Each such prepared glass must be made fresh daily
After completion of the said first course of medicine (of LM/1 or LM/2 or LM/3 dilution) the next higher potency will have to be prepared in the same manner. In this way medicinal solutions for other potencies LM/4, LM/5 it should be prepared.
In the Organon, it is advised to succuss the medicinal solution for 8 times in the case of very sensitive patient, 10 for a less sensitive one, and 12 times for the least excited and sensitive patients.
1.13 What Parts of the body are more or less Susceptible to the Influence of the Medicines?
There are four methods of administration of medicine to the patients
  1. To apply by mouth
  2. To apply (through mouth or nose) by olfaction
  3. To massage on the body along with oral application to expedite rapid and lasting cure
  4. To apply through breast milk of the mother in case of babies
2. Comparison of 50 Millesimal Scale and Centesimal Scale
50 millesimal scale drugs Centesimal scale drugs
1. Medicinal aggravations are almost absent. Medicinal aggravation may sometimes occur due to vital energy.
2. Antidoting for any remedy is seldom required. Sometimes furious, even dangerous violence may arise, unless an antidote is given
3. Highest development of power and mildest action; High power because of variable frequency (succussion); mild action because of lower amplitude LM/1 to LM/3 Combination of power and/or dosage may lead to aggravation sometimes
4. Does not assail the patient but touches all suffering parts curatively. All the difficulties are wholly solved by this new altered and perfected method ideal cure in the most harmless way. Certain complexities in the treatment of chronic diseases exist.
5. Time of cure is steady, uniform and less. This new dynamisation method diminishes the period of treatment to one-half, one-quarter and even still less so that a much more rapid cure is obtained.
Cure sometimes takes long time
Dr Kent took 2 to 6 years to bring some patients around.
6. Every correctly chosen medicine even that whose action is of long duration may be repeated daily for months, making necessary advance to higher degrees in the treatment of chronic diseases with ever increasing success. During the period of action of the 1st dose, the second dose cannot be repeated in spite of the presence of the symptoms of the diseases in the organism.
Cannot be administered in a dry condition
Can be administered in both dry and wet condition.
Not available readily in LM/1 to LM/30 form.Preparation is cumbersome and requires clean laboratory condition.
Available readily in both dry and wet condition.
9. Many divided doses. One dose.
10. Medicine is to be used again and again and the vitality is able to assail the diseases quickly being assisted by the frequent doses of medicine. That is why cure comes quicker than expected in one fourth or lesser period of time. Medicine cannot be applied repeatedly in spite of the presence of disease symptoms.
11. Once the physician decides the carefully selected drug, both the physician and the patient enjoy freedom during the period of treatment, because it is a continuous process. Both the physician and the patient are under constraint after the administration of the drug, because they can do nothing till the expiry of the stipulated/expected period of action of the drug is over. They have to periodically interact to review drug/potency and doses for cure.
The treatment starts from the lowest degrees of dynamisation from LM/1 to LM/30, the frequency spectrum is continuous and the drug acts like a broad spectrum medicine, With almost no signs of aggravation. Variables are
Dose- 4 times/day and potency LM/1 to LM/30 affording steady cure.
There is a leap or jump in the method of administration of the drug. The potencies and doses are in steps with chances of aggravation.
13. The potency of the medicine is increased gradually by degrees and the cure also comes gradually and slowly. It is the nature of real cure, so to say homeopathic cure the mode of administration of medicine is quite compatible with the state of progress of the diseases. So, it is more logical and more scientific. The medicines are applied with long gaps from 30c, 200, 1000 and so on. So there is no similarity of the disease state with that of the medicine state. Hence this method is less logical and less scientific comparatively.
14. Treatment of chronic patients is easy. Undesirable reactions seldom occur. If they occur, it is because of wrong selection of medicine or large dose, which can be easily corrected. Sometimes it becomes dangerous to treat chronic patients.
Vitality of the human body is limited so Dr Hahnemann had put a limit to the drug up to LM/30 only for treatment of sick human beings.
Since drugs LM/1, LM/2, LM/3 are not readily available and cumbersome to manufactures facilities for manufacture should be established and detailed study undertaken.
Potencies above 30C are available and so are
200C 10400
1M 102,000
50M 10100,000
CM 10200,000
MM 102,000,000
Requires immediate study to assess the effect of high potency drugs on the vitality of the human body


3. Our Analysis
3.1 It is almost 170 years after Dr Hahnemann; an attempt has been made to offer some serious scientific explanation for the way the serial ultra-dilution drugs work. We stuck steadfast to these basic ideas of Dr Hahnemann –
  1. General predisposition of the man to be sick is determined by heredity, and susceptibility acquired during life.
  2. Environment and stress
  3. Hygiene (physical and mental)
Four elements namely Earth (its rotation, magnetic field), water, air and fire are required for synthesis of organic compounds by the action of Life force (Vis Vitalis), Vital force/Vital potential.
Energy from cosmos results in acquisition of charge q, this leads to Vital potential and Life force.
Using these fundamental relations, we made an attempt at offering our explanation how these drugs work based on De Broglie Hypothesis, Quantum mechanics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle, Lorentz’s force etc.
3.2 In line with Avogadro’s work, matter is not infinitely divisible as Hahnemann supposed. If a substance is subjected to serial ultra-dilution progressively in Hahnemann’s manner, there must come a stage when the solution no longer contains any atoms/molecules of the original substance at all. Theoretically, this should occur at a concentration of about 10-24 (12C/ 0/1). With potencies higher than 12C or 0/1, we get into a situation that there cannot be any material drug substance in it at all. During potentisation process, repeated succussions and serial dilutions result in the generation of elementary particles leaving their energy signatures with a set of different frequencies. This form of energy causes the transmission of structural information from the surface of one material (remedy) to another (water or ethanol). This we call Pseudo Placebo Signature of the remedy with energy quanta at varying frequencies possessing spin within spins like that in a vortex.
3.3 The potentised form of the homeopathic drug possesses energised quanta with its own signature frequencies from the environment as well as the drug to restore the body’s innate or adaptive immune system through brain. Potentisation was for Hahnemann, a process of releasing energy that he regarded as essentially immaterial and spiritual. Potentised medicines were, for Hahnemann, the vital force captured in a bottle and there remains dormant in the vial/bottle. Repeated succussions enhance the energy of the drug.
3.4 There are billions and billions of neutrons striking the earth with nearly the speed of light passing through every body unimpeded all the times. We know the neutrinos are fundamental particles with near zero charge and near zero mass. When a charged particle enters the earth’s magnetic field with a velocity v, the
Every cell in the human body or a living organism has its own characteristic energy signatures. Human body has billons of cells vibrating in synchronous with one another and when they fall out of synchronism and resonate with external stimuli or environment, disease result.
must be constant. In a homeopathic drug under serial ultra- dilution, the mass of the drug particles is infinitesimally small or near zero mass (NZM) since the particles is of NZM, its charge also must be
near zero to satisfy the relation  q/m constant.
This lead us to the hypothesis that both q and m of the particles in the homeopathic drug are of fundamental nature to keep constant. The drug in this stage acquires great potency because of the wave nature of the particles (De Broglie Hypothesis, i.e. a fundamental particle behaves like a wave or a mass). The curative properties (with respect to potency efficacy/effectiveness/energy can therefore be explained by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle.
3.5 According to De Broglie Hypothesis, every particle with mass m and velocity, a real wave is associated related to the momentum by the equation
Hahnemann’s 50 Millesmal scale drug contributing to slow and steady cure can be explained with the help of the above equation.
When we succuss the drug, what really happens is the increasing in the velocity v of the particles. When  v increases, (Lambda sign.)decreases. This means increase in frequency f.
E=hf, where E is the energy. This, therefore, results in increase in energy. When we reduce velocity, ?  (lambda sign.) increases, f reduces resulting in decrease of energy. That is why the energy dormant (or trapped in the drug/vial/bottle can be steplessly increased or decreased by succussion) to enable slow and steady cure. (Figure 1)
                                  Figure 1
Actually, Hahnemann’s LM/1 corresponds roughly to 6C and LM/30 to 72C in the centesimal scale. Succussions have a tendency to increase the energy trapped in the drug. We have shown that any cyclic disturbances/ vibrations, or a single step (acyclic) disturbances like accident/shock can cause sickness. The disturbances like can be considered to be made up of a combination of a number of sinusoidal waves of different frequencies.  (Figure 2)
                                 Figure 2
 One of these frequencies causes resonance and hence disease in the human being. Since we know resonance ( series or parallel) is the root cause of the disease. Homoeopathic treatment involves in the breaking up of resonance and restoration of health. The Homoeo drugs possess energy which is entrapped and dormant. This energy can be increased by repeated succussions and serial ultra-dilutions.
Our analysis thus leads to the fact that Homeopathy is a modern scientific system of medicine. It offers a method of cure that considers the diseased person as a whole. It is holistic and alternative and complimentary to other system of medicine under Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani and others.Every person has his own individuality, a result of physical, emotional, environmental and mental levels which are unique.
Homeopathy restores body’s balance stimulating the immune system through the administration of natural substances to enable the body to reach/attain a permanent state of cure at physical, mental and emotional levels.
The method of choosing the drug, its potency, dosages are all now available to the homeopathic practitioners, thanks to Dr Hahnemann, Dr Kent et al. It is hence hoped that the new altered and perfect method called 50 Millesimal scale drugs are made available readily. Manufacturers of homeopathic medicines should come forward to make all dilutions of 50 Millesimal scale based on laboratory standards. This will help humanity to get the best treatment which will be affordable, reliable with almost no side effects or aggravations.
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