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Cravings in Pregnancy

Cravings in pregnancy are pretty normal. Come to think of it, cravings in non pregnant life are fairly normal too. One line of thought, although it hasn’t been scientifically proved, is that a craving telling you to eat something you may be missing in your diet. I swear I had cravings for more vegetables, avocados, and olive oil in my pregnancy. But I also liked milkshakes and didn’t pass up too many French fries. Some of my friends craved cheese, chocolate milk, pineapple, cheeseburgers, cereal, or apples. You’re just as likely to crave “good” foods as you are to crave “bad” ones.
Some studies have linked pregnancy cravings with hormonal fluxes. That’s why, they say, cravings typically dissipate after first trimester (although most women I know say their cravings came and went through most of the pregnancy). Cravings do seem to dissipate, however, very late in pregnancy. What I say is that it’s because you’ve eaten through everything by that time and you’re ready to have the kid and get a little learner, although I am not sure any scientist would support this hypothesis. Here’s my tip: Indulge your cravings, but don’t overindulge (you don’t need two McDonald’s shakes in one day; one will do just fine). Then move on.
If you crave for sweets, eat them during the day. At bedtime, try a snack that’s protein-based. You’ll avoid possible low blood sugar, which will help you sleep better and, possible, avoid weird dreams, sweats, and headaches. Try a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, a hard-boiled egg, or a piece of chicken or turkey.

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