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Acute Cases of Women’s Illness Treated in Homoeopathic O.P.D.

Case 1
A young college girl came to my clinic for the following complains – chronic eruptions on vulva that were especially worse during menses, she also got severe excoriations near her genitalia during menses. She blamed her menstrual sanitary pads for these complaints and therefore she kept changing the various brands of sanitary pads available, but the problem did not come under control. She constantly had leucorrhoea which was worse during night; since a few years it had been copious and sometimes offensive. Her menses were late by few days to few weeks however, the bleeding was quite profuse.
Emotionally she was well balanced, except for a fear of dogs. She had a craving for cold drinks and refreshing things like lassi (buttermilk), lemonade, cold water, etc. She was given Causticum 30C followed by 200C. Within three cycles, her menstrual problem, leucorrhoea and eruptions were much better.
In my practice, Causticum is a very important remedy for late menses
Case 2
A middle aged woman came to me with recurrent abscess on labia since few years. She had been operated for her abscess and also took antibiotic and pain killer medications. Her menses used to last only for 1 to 2 days. She used to get migraine and backache during menses. Milk in any form aggravated her.
Emotionally she was very reserved and timid, as a young girl she had been a lean thin girl with tendency to recurrent colds; any change of weather would make her sick.
Based on the above symptoms, I gave Borax 200C few doses. The results were excellent; she never got any abscess and her menses also improved subsequently.

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