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A Cure of Acute Appendicitis Using Frequent Homeopathic Doses in Solution

Abstract: Placing centesimal potencies in solution and prescribing them frequently for acute conditions is not widely practiced. It can be superior to dry doses in many cases, where a persistent mild medici­nal action is preferred to a strong aggravation. By prescribing dissolved doses of Arnica Montana 1m, a case of acute appendicitis was cured quickly. This suggests that centesimal potencies given frequently in solution may be more efficacious, prompt and gentle than treatment with dry doses.
Keywords: Acute appendicitis, Arnica Montana, watery doses, split dose.
When treating a patient with acute medical condi­tion, in certain cases we fail to cure. Even though our case taking, evaluation, analysis, remedy and potency selection seem correct. What is the cause? In the Organon 5th edition (1833) Dr. Hahnemann introduced olfaction and dissolved centesimal remedies as a new method of administering doses. Around the year 1840 Hahnemann began to introduce LM potencies into his practice. From 1840 to 1843 he used both centesimal and LM potencies side by side in medicinal solutions. By these methods he hoped to avoid unwanted aggravations and provide rapid cure.
In some acute cases the aggravation can be discouragingly pro­longed and often cannot be discerned from the patient’s own disease. Many times we change the original prescrip­tion which could very well have been the simillimum. In acute diseases, a dry dose will many times produce an un­necessary aggravation because of the patient’s increased susceptibility. I have much experience now with what I call a “watery dose.” To prepare it, one or two globules of size 10 are diluted in 15ml. of distilled water in which 5 drops of alcohol added with 20 to 30 succussions. From this solution 10 drops are added to another 15 ml of water, and from this solution 5 to 10 drops dose repeated according to the severity of the disease. In such diluted solutions the correct number of drops must be precise. Every time be­fore taking the dose the solution is succussed 5 to 10 times. The same solution can be used for several days or weeks. Hahnemann recommended using carefully measured and dosed solutions with sensitive patients. Many times I have used this method with great success. It is not necessary to take 4 oz. to 8 oz. of water, Just fifteen ml. of distilled water is sufficient. This technique of dosing is also known as a split dose because it uses one or two pills in a solution that is then split over several days or weeks.
The results using this type of dosing can be very dif­ferent from dry doses. There is continuous amelioration of the complaints without aggravation. This comes closer to the ideal of strengthening the weakened vital force than is seen when we simply produce a similar stronger artificial disease in the patient.
Case Report
Name: Mr. B.B.
Age: 38years
Occupation: Farmer
Date: 23rd may 2014
Marital Status: Marrie
Chief Complaint
Severe cramping pain in right iliac fossa since 3days.
Distended abdomen.
Fullness of abdomen aggravated by eating smallest quantity of food.
Onset, duration and history of symptoms-
Patient was apparently well before 8 days but suddenly he was injured by a bull. Due to which he was fall on back and started backache. For that he had taken allopathic medicines. After 4 days backache was better and the right sided abdominal pain started. For that he was consulted to a surgeon. Ultra sonography report shows acute appendicitis. Surgeon advised him for immediate surgery.
Patient as a Person
o General appearance: Stout with round face.
o Height: 5’5”
o Weight: 68 kg.
o Thirst: less
o Appetite: poor
o Addictions: Tobacco
o Eliminations:
Salivation: Normal
Perspiration: Normal
Urination: Normal
Stool pattern: Satisfactor
o Thermals: Hot
o Sleep and dreams: sleepless since 3 days.
Past History: Unremarkable
Family History: Not specific
Anxious about his disease.
Restlessness from pain.
Fear of operation.
Systemic examination
Abdomen- Hard, Tenderness in right iliac fossa.
All the other systems are within normal limits.
Repertorial Totality:
Ailments from injury.
Restlessness pain from.
Pain cramping in right hypochondria.
Pain aggravated by motion.
Abdomen distention painful.
Abdomen fullness aggravated by eating.
Case Processing
Diagnosis: Acute appendicitis
Phase of disease: Acute progressive
Miasm: Psora
Susceptibility: Moderate
Selection of Remedy:
Without repertorisation Arnica Montana 1m was selected due to prominent exciting cause. It is given in “watery doses”- 10 drops at 15 minutes interval.
Preparation of dose: Two globules of size 10 pellets diluted in 15 ml of distilled water in a dropper bottle, adding 5 drops of alcohol then succussed 20 to 30 times. From this solution 10 drops added to another 15 ml of water in a dropper bottle. From this solution 10 drops on the tongue taken every 15 minute after giv
Backache better. No any abdominal symptoms. Appetite increased.
Saclac for 15days.

By using no other treatment than homoeopathic Arnica montana1m dissolved in water, given in frequent drop doses, a case of acute appendicitis was cured. This suggests that the use of frequent watery doses, described in Or­ganon 6th edition may be more efficacious, prompt and gentle than treatment with dry doses.
I express my gratitude to Dr.Arun Bhasme sir Principal S.K.H.M.C.Beed & Dr. Sandeep Narwadkar Principal P.D.Jain H.M.C.Parbhani for their valuable suggestions.
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