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When Gelsemium Killed 'Kumbhakaran' Forever

Mr. Singh, aged 33, a well-known businessman of city, came to my clinic last year with two serious complaints: 1. He had diarrhoea while intending to go on a journey and, 2. He had been sufferingrom drowsiness all the time for the last two years. Infact, the drowsiness was so severe and obstinate that it caused him several injuries while driving any vehicle. It was not at all strange that he was well known to all in the city for his drowsiness. Some mischievous minds begab to call him ‘Kumbhakaran’. Though, I had thought of a suitable remedy for him, but to confirm it I had to get in to the depth of the investigations. During the investigations, the patients wife told me many things which made the case clear. She said, ” My husband has lost all his courage and gets irritated easily in disfavorable circumstances with great shivering in the whole body. He feels better on sleeping abut after getting up with heavy eyelids he is back to his complaints.” ” Did he like to visit a fair or a theatre,etc? Have both of you ever fone to any hill station for a visit?” I asked his wife. She replied, ” Not at all in the recent time. Since he has got this disease ever he gets diarrhoea at the thought of going out. However, earlier we used to go many a times to hilly places, as he likes a calm atmosphere from the very beginning.” The symptoms were enough for the selection of a remedy that he needed. But the clue that I received in the end was the most important, which left no room vacant for suspicion. I felt as if I had won a great fort in the battlefield. Now I knew all about the case, how it had been complicated and all. Mr. Singh told me that long ago, an allopathic physician had given him quinine in excess to cure malarial fever which he had been suffering from. It proved as a keynote that made my work easy.
Rubrics taken:

  1. Diarrhoea while going on a journey.
  2. Drowsiness accompanied by dizziness and dullness.
  3. Adverse effect of quinine.
  4. Deficiency of courage.
  5. Longing for sleep.
  6. Heavy eyelids.

Wasting not even a moment, I gave him a single dose of Gelsemium 1M and called him three days later. On the prescribed day, when Mr. Singh came I noticed a surprising change on his face. He looked far better than he would have ever been with a smile on his face, he showed a deep satisfaction. I followed it with Placebo for three days and asked him to come after finishing them. Thus Mr. Singh used to come weekly for a single dose of Gelsemium 1M followed by Placebo, constantly, for six months. In this long duration, Mr. Singh was quite O.K. In the last only two doses of Lachesis 1M were given with interval of two weeks, which entirely rooted out all his problems.
Source : The Homoeopathic Heritage

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