The “pill amenorrhoea” following long term treatment with contraceptives discussed herein, and the permanent physical damages are weighed against the catastrophy of uncontrolled population explosion.
Often amenorrhoea in young women is seen after a yearlong exposure to this monthly suppression of ovarian function. Orthodox hormone injection upsets the finely tuned endocrine balance even more.
The homoeopathic physician may use superior routes to normalization of the menstrual cycle.
1.       Clear the field with Pulsatilla or Sulphur.
2.       Obtain the simillimum by repertorizatin, with emphasis on mentals.
3.       Select the constitutional remedy.
Of special historical interest is the empiric use of Senecio by Edwin Hale who learned of it from American Indian Squaws. The Indians named this native North American plant in English, “ Squaw Weed”, and in Navajo “ Female Regulator”.
This author has 11 cases on record, of which 9 were successfully treated within 2 months, 1 took 6 months to regulate, and in 1 patient there was no response after 8 months.
The discussion ends on both, a somber note that a 30 year old mother of 4, who had been on the pill continuously for 8 ½ years, came down with cancer of cervix; and with the more cheerful news that the American FDA recalled the sequential antibaby pills from the market in December 1975.
Source: Indian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine.

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