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Role of Concomitant Symptoms in Dermatology

Role of Concomitant Symptoms in Dermatology
Case 1
A middle aged girl comes to me with dry rough skin all over the body but especially over hands and legs, there was lot of dead skin which keeps on developing on that area, she consults a local doctor who gives her some ointments, after three months of applying ointment she suddenly develops lots of anxiety and panic for which again the local doctor gave her some tablets to give her peace and tranquillity. This tablets only makes her anxiety worse in few weeks hence she stops the tablet and comes to K.E.M. hospital for homoeopathy the following symptoms were considered.
MIND – ANXIETY – eruptions; after suppressed
Hands – dead skin
Mezerium in 30C potency few doses cleared the case permanently.
Case 2
A case of jaundice in a young boy of 15 years with red eruption all over the skin, flatulent distension of abdomen since three weeks visits local doctor who gives him
antihistamine tablets with some liver tonic but even after one week of treatment there is no relief in any complaints. Following rubrics were selected from synthesis repertory.
SKIN – ERUPTIONS – suppressed
SKIN – DISCOLORATION – yellow – accompanied by –flatulence
Chamomilla 30C few doses for two weeks removed all the complaints
Von Boenninghausen was the first homeopath who was in favour of concomitant symptoms. His method of repertorization is very simple and now a day it is gaining
popularity over Kent method due to its simplicity. Concomitant symptoms are the symptoms that always accompany the main symptom but have no pathological
relation to the chief ailment’. This is the customary view on concomitant symptom mainly sketched by Dr H. A. Roberts. But on closely scrutinizing the article by Dr
Boenninghausen, ‘A contribution to the judgment concerning the characteristic value of symptoms’ in his lesser writings, we can perceive wider dimensions and clarity on
these auxiliary symptoms. We all know the parameters set by Boenninghausen for identifying characteristic symptoms in a case as well as in a drug.
Source: The Homoeopathic Heritage

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