If these symptoms occur, especially towards the end of pregnancy, your doctor or mid wife should be consulted. In most cases, they will be able to reassure you that the condition is due to simple cause, such as standing for too long periods in cramped spaces. The over-all weight increases and by the pressure of the womb on the pelvic blood vessel, sometime swelling occurs. If the swelling is combined with decrease in frequency of the urine, it is warning of pre-eclampsia. A homeopathic doctor will prescribe constitutional treatment.
Swelling is worse in late afternoon and is often more pronounced on the right side. The skin overlying the swelling looks transparent and waxy. Patient is often not thirsty.  Urine is scanty and may contain a dark deposit. Patient is very tired – Apis mellifica
Thirst for small frequent quantities of fluid, shortages of breath on exertion. Swelling mainly of the feet and may be accompanied by cramp – like pain in the calves, feels very restless and exhausted –Arsenicum album
Swollen ankles and feet which feel sprained. Swollen fingers at the tips. A shooting headache, an urgent need to pass urine but when attempted it is slow to flow – Prunus spinosa
Patient may experience a feeling of heaviness in legs during the last stages of pregnancy. This may be due to increased weight or to the fact that there is some pressure on the large veins.
Legs feel heavy, weary and difficult to move. Pressure is relieved by putting the feet up- Conium
Trembling and weak legs are experienced. Fatigue even after the slightest exertion – Gelsemium
Red, bluish, painful swelling of legs, sensitive on slightest touch –Lachesis
Heaviness, numbness and weakness of legs. Symptoms are worse when walking about. Legs are difficult to warm –Picric acid
Legs feel dead or wooden, the symptoms are worst on first moving in the morning or just after rest. They improve with movement, but return tired. A feeling of restlessness –Rhus tox
A cramp is a prolonged, painful spasm in a muscle, most commonly due to either fatigue or imperfect posture. Cramps tend to be more frequent during pregnancy. Massaging the painful part is very helpful. But same pain, which is felt like bruising may be present for several hours after the cramp has been relieved.
Pain in soles of the feet, tearing painful, contractions in the calves: Agaricus mus
Cold, sweaty feet, which also feel numb if touched –Carbo veg
Pain in the hip region radiates to the knees. Cramp that is better firm pressure and warmth- Colocynthis
Cramps in calves and feet – Cuprum met
Cramps in forearm .Arms and legs go to sleep.  – Gelsemium
Cramp in the lower part of the legs. Arms and legs feel paralyzed in the morning – Nux Vomica.
Cramp in the neck and is relieved by warmth –Trifolium
Cramps in the calves, skin feels cold, fainting occurs from the least exertion –Veratrum album
People who suffer from insomnia usually have difficulty in getting sleep. Difficulty in sleeping frequently occurs during pregnancy, especially in the final months. In the majority of women this is easily overcome with the use of suitable relaxation technique.
Insomnia of a different kind may however be present. The woman wakes early morning (around 4-5am) and this is then followed by short periods of unrefreshing sleep until it is time get up. This type of sleeplessness can sometimes indicate the development of a depressive disorder and requires medical advice. It should not however be confused with another type of sleep disorder in which a woman wakes up with every slight noise but then, immediately falls back to sleep again.
Inability to fall asleep because of over excitement during the evening. Sleeplessness occurs because of fear –Aconitum
Insomnia caused by worry about an event – Argentums nitricum
An inability to fall asleep or wakes up around 2 am, feels very restless and has to get up and walk around the room – Arsenicum album
The problems of the day seem to go around and around in head, great sensitivity to noise – Coffea cruda
Sleeplessness associated with an unhappy or distressing event – Ignatia
Wakes at about 4 am and cannot get back to sleep due to an over active mind – Lycopodium
Mental over-activity with the mind hovering over the days’ work again and again Anger this inability to fall as sleep – Nux vomica
Light sleepers are easily disturbed by the slightest noise – Sulphur
Jerking movements of the limbs when attempting to fall asleep, unpleasant dreams often occur – Valeriana
Labour like contractions may occur in last few weeks of pregnancy and are felt irregularly, usually in the lower part of the abdomen. These are said to occur because the uterus (womb) is toning up in preparation for the birth of the baby.
Contractions that occur in the last few weeks of pregnancy –Caulophyllum
Pain goes up the back and into the hips –Gelsemium
Colicky, cramp like pains – Viburnum opulus
For most common women homeopathic medicine can help enormously in the run up to the birth of a baby by taking Caulophyllum in the last weeks of the pregnancy and Arnica, pre delivery. Much of the bruising and bleeding that occurs will be minimized.
Caulophyllum is also said to tone up the uterus helping it to produce good contractions and lessening the chances of the mother becoming over tired during labour.
When the labour pains are frequent but irregular, a good remedy for restlessness and anxiousness during labour – Aconitum
Painful labour with the pain starting in the lower back and radiating to the inner part of the thigh, Intolerance of pain – Chamomilla
Intermittent, relatively painless contractions with little progress – Kali carb
ECTOPIC PREGNANCY: Fear before Operation
An ectopic pregnancy is one that occurs, outside the uterus (womb) usually in one of the fallopian tubes.
As the narrow tube is unable to expand to accommodate the growing foetus, it will eventually rupture, usually between the sixth and tenth weeks causing pain in the lower part of the abdomen, haemorrhage can be severe and an ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency. If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy, you should contact your doctor or mid wife at once. An ectopic pregnancy is usually removed surgically, and although the gynaecologist will endeavor to preserve the fallopian tube, this is often not possible. After wards you may experience physical and emotional problems similar to those following a miscarriage. If you are anxious and apprehensive while waiting for medical attention, take Aconitum, which is prepared from the deadly poisonous plant, Aconitum napellus. This remedy calms the deep fears that lead to anxiety panic and frantic impatience

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