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Dr. L. D Dhawale: I had decided to  address you today on Lycopodium. But,
I find that the time at my disposal is  short and that I would not be in a position to do justice to the subject.  However, I would like to draw your attention to some of the salient features  of the drug. I would like to know from you as’ to how many of you possess the book by Pulford- ‘Key to                                                                                        Homoeopathic Materia Medica’. I would like to  recommend it                                                                                 to everyone of you.
Dr. D. K Hardikar : Is it for chronic or acute prescribing?
Dr. L. D. Dhawale  For both; I have recommended  it  to  every    House
Physician who has worked here.
Dr. S. R. Wadia: What about Boger’s  synoptic Key, Sir?
Dr. L. D. Dhawale : It has its own place. I wish I had Pulford’s book in my
earlier years of practice; I suppose that would suffice in drawing your attention
to the esteem in which I hold that book. In this connection, I would like
to bring to your notice that Pulfords  have written a bigger book – ‘Graphic
Drug Pictures’; but the price of both the books is just the same! At this
stage, I would like to ask you as to what is the most important symptom of
Dr. P. F. Bilimoria drinks. Craving for hot
Dr. R. R. Pai         Obstinacy
Dr. S. R. Wadi a 8 P.M.
Dr. V. R. Mayenkar : Hunger.
Dr. Prakash : Agg, from 4 P.M to 8 P.M and Right side.
Dr. L. S. Bhagwat : Flatulence.
Dr. M. N. Vaidya : Flatulence in lower abdomen .
Dr. L. D. Dhawale : I would read out the following from “identification” from Pulford’s Key.
“ Hunger, but a little food seems  the stomach full and causes fullness and distension of abdomen; or. appetitie  wanting which returns and increases as one begins to eat.” This gathering has missed the point and hence, I recommend this book. I would also refer you to the symptomatology  under “Essential” from the same book.  You will notice that he rates the modality ‘Agg. 4 P. M. to 8 P. M.’ as high. I would ask you why this is so important.
Dr. S. R. Wadia: Because it is a guiding symptom.
Dr. M. N. Vaidya: Because it helps in identifying the drug.
Dr. L. D Dhawale: The reason is that very few drugs have got that time of aggravation. Lyc . Coloc., & Held. Are the three drugs listed as having 4-8 P.M. agg. Which would be the next important symptom?
Dr S.R.Naik: Agg. with fat & milk.
Dr. S. R. Wadia : Early satiety.
Dr. L. D. Dhawale : Please do not repeat: that symptom is already stated under
“identification”. Hot drinks amel. & Cold weather amel. – these are important
on account of the contradictory modalities. That ought to suffice for
indicating to you the importance of the book by Pulford. I would now try to
indicate the sphere of action of Lycopodium by describing to you some
of the cases in my practice.
My 1st impression of Lyc. was when was a student in Nagpur. One of my eIder brother’s friend was suffering from abdominal pain, worse from 4 P. M. to 8P.M. I had’nt the boldness of the physician then; I feared that Lyc. might set in a severe reaction in him. Hence I prescribed Coloc., and the pain disappeared. When I prescribed Coloc., I had in mind to prescribe Lyc. during the quiescent period; but. there was no occasion for that!
My 2nd impression of Lyec. concerns the son of one of my best friends. The 2 year old son was brought to me with enlarged liver and fever between 4 P. M. to 8 P.M. I gave Lyc. and that removed the whole trouble. In this connection. I would like you to caution against repeating the indicated remedy at the time of agg. Lyc. should be administered either after 8P. M or in the early morning.
My 3rd impression of Lyc. concerns  a case of bronchopneumonia in a male child – the only one in the family. The alae nasi were working and the movements were not necessarily related to those of respiration. Lyc. is one of the remedies for that; another one is Phos. There was a vertical frown in between the eyebrows.  That was sufficient for me to base the prescription of Lye. and the child made good progress.
The 4th case concerns a child in the family. I was all for, then, prescribing the latest proprietory foods for children in order to enable them to gain weight; this child was prescribed a food prepared from wheat. The child was 2 year old and within a few; months he was down with liver enlargement of 3-!S fingers. The liver was hard; Dr. N. A. Purandare who saw the case gave a serious prognosis and I was quite anxious as a result. My dilemma was solved one day as I was watching the child. The child passed urine and while changing the diaper. I found that it was stained with brick red dust. That was the clue to the prescription of Lyc. and the child made uneventful recovery. Incidently. this case brings out the Liver as one of the important seats of action of Lyc.
Coming to the Urinary System, I  would state that the remedy is well suited  to Uric acid diathesis. Incidently  that gives a clue to the importance of Lye, in  arthritic complaints – rheumatic, gouty. or gonococcal. In this connection. I would refer you to Kent wherein Lye. is described as a great antipsoric, antisycotic. and antisyphilitic remedy. Lye is indicated in children with congenital syphilis. The patient is thin in the upper portion of the body. Lyc. is the only remedy listed as common for uric acid & oxalate crystals in the urine. I will describe two eases of lithiasis treated successfully by me
The 1st case concerns a male about to be married shortly who had a calculus that was lodged in a prostatic urethra and the surgeon had advised that the only way of removing it was cutting down upon the penis! Naturally with the marriage shortly due. the parties wanted less heroic measures Lyc. was prescribed as a constitutional remedy and the stone was passed without any trouble. Acute remedies were selected by me from the group ‘remedies that follow wrll’ for his other complaints from time to time. For instance.” once the patient reported with persistent cattarh with thick yellow discharge; he responded to Puis This was followed by the constitutional remedy in increasing potencies as is the general-rule-in my practice. The patient was restored to his normal health in the course of time.
The 2nd case was that of a 8 year old girl who had three small stones (of the size of methix seeds) lodged one about the other at the lower end of the ureter. The surgeon had advised operative line of treatment; the family was not in favour of operation and consulted me as to whether it would be possible to remove the stones with medicines. I said that I would try. The feature of the attack of renal colic was that the child had nausea and vomiting as concomitants. Occ.can was given on that indication and the child felt relief. But in a few days there was  another attack. I restudied the case and found that Lyc was indicated. But I dared not give it for fear of inducing severe reaction. I knew that the French School led by Dr. Vannier recommends the administratin of Berb-v. in order to prepare the patient for the deep acting remedy. Berberis V. was administered on this basis and also because the patient had some of the symptoms of the remedy. It helped to tide over the attack. Before administering Lyc, however. I took  the precaution of warning the Secretary of the family of the possibility of another  attack before the stones were thrown out. A severe attack of renal  colic followed  the administration of the constitutional remedy-Lyc.              This information I did receive before I had set out on the to the patient. thus, I missed the messanger that was despatched to announce me my dismissal from the case! On reaching the patient’s home. the grandfather was raging and asked me as to what is all this? I said that I warned the Secretary of this beforehand. To this. he asked me if the stones had been discharged. I said I cannot be sure; the Xray picture will decide. They  did not listen to my advice and saw the previous surgeon who had advised theoperation. The surgeon lost his temprt with them for not following his instructions and asked them to go elsewhere. The 2nd Xray examination did not reveal any stones! Subsequent to that, the  baby had one or two mild attacks. When 1000 failed to evoke any reaction, I advised that the cure was complete an Xs ray examination did not reveal any stones.
Lyc.’ has an important sphere  action in” genitourinary practice. Nash , in his inimitable style states that he once found an old man who had married  the 2nd or 3rd time and who did’nt himself fit for the occasion! A higher potency of Lyc. found him as a friend on both sides of house! Royal in materia medica gives an instance of Lyc. Being indicated in impotency following sexual excesses. Delayed 1st menses is one of the indications for the administration of Lyc. We have one case of this type who had also Pulmonary tuberculosis; the remedy was given by olfaction in order to miinimise the reaction. and the case has progressed quite well. Her general health is much better now.
It is only of late that Lyc. was  employed as an inert powder for pill rolling. One finds references to old literature where gastrointestinal irritative  properties of Lyc. are pointed out. Lyc.  Is indicated for gastric upsets that are worse between 4 P. M. to 8 P. M. and also for acidity.
Lyc. is one of the remedies indicated for asthma with the 4-8 P. M. agg. and when the patient is better with warm drinks (comp. Ars. alb.)
Another feature of Lyc. is dryness of the skin and ‘mucosae. It is also indicated in diptheria          and tonsil lites when the affection travels from right to left. It also indicated in rheumatic pains that travel that way.
Before closing, I would draw your attention to the index of diseases to Royal’s Practice of Medicine; go through the list of diseases given under Lyc. and that will enable you to revise the spheres of action of the drug.
Dr. S. R. Wadia : – I would like to know your experience about large-sized calcium stones in the bladder.
Dr. L. D. Dhawale : – I do not believe in breaking the stone” if that is what you can, 1 do not give deep acting remedies in such cases for fear of inducing severe reactions. Some mention has been made of this in the literature but I have no personal experience.
Dr. Sarla Sonawala
B. A .D.M.S. (Hons). D.F.Hom. (Lond)
Vice-Principal –
C.M.P. Homoeopathic Medical College,’
LYCO, a leader.
A top the ladder!
Intellect keen. tyranny of will
Inner need to rule and topple
Misanthropy in the name of morality
Perfect recipe to damn one to success!
To surfeit! To belching satiety!
Deep down a growing insecurity
From physical poverty ••..••..
Liver lethargic, callous kidney
worse still ….••…..
Libido plying truant!
Leading to           ‘ ?
Nagging anxiety anger irate
Each venture an ordeal
Doubts creep in
Slip here, lapse there
Defeat it overtakes.
Down with a bang
L yeO tumbles from the top
Frowning fumiug balding
greying impotent imbecile
despair ennui Precocity to
senility premature
Be the detour of L YCO ‘l

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