Cancer, a sleeping monster, a silent enemy, a tormentor, a terrorizer is always present in human body and even in animal life and you have to live with it as long as you can. You cannot live in this century and years to come without diseases and death. Any time or day in your life when you wake up in the morning with pain anywhere in the body (Chest, mouth, abdomen, head, extremities, etc.) and/or you find, a swelling, a lump, a boil, pustule, a small ulceration with itching and bleeding with burning, pains in the bone(s), etc., you have the chance to end up with that sleeping monster; Cancer. All depends on many factors, exciting or maintaining causes, so- called carcinogens, carcinogenic food, agents – smoking, chewing tobacco, chemicals, circumstances and even genetically in your life.
Is it possible to eradicate CANCER from our bodies and on this Earth in future? No and never.
Cancer is a history as old as history goes with the first human being on this Planet. Do you
believe in the theory of Darwin of evolution of human beings? If yes? Then, what? He, the first
human being (you may call him as Adam or Monkey man in Hindu or Bible or Koranic
traditions) created by GOD obody knows when)? as the progenitor of the human race was
naked and wandering in woo s/jungles for food and probably he was bruised, injured, itched,
scratched, eruptions or boils ppeared on his body. He might have applied saliva, or leaves of
plants or juices of plants, app ied or rubbed mud or something he did for his suffering. Was it
cured with that or had remiss on or relieved or suppressed? Are we not descendants of that
man ? Yes, then what?
We are born with over sensitiveness and sensitive to have variant skin diseases, cancer and other diseases dependent on environments, food, occupation, weather or any diseased condition etc. A long journey to find out when cancer began. How cancer started in humans and animals and got localized in parts of the body, skin, organ(s) and has effected systems followed by generalization of the whole body? Then, it means a systematic disease. The cause was the invisible force or dynamic fore or Miasms in Homoeopathy.
Discovery of Cancer and Cancer cells by Microscope:
Is cancer cells the real cancer many types of cancers of the body? Cancer cells are abnormal
cells. How these abnormal cell were produced from normal cells? These abnormal cells have
their individuality for migration and to establish a new colony(ies) of cancer. Let us call this
process, metastasis. What is/w re the reason or reasons? Cancer as we know is a disease
caused by uncontrolled grow of cell(s). Was it division of cells? Was it mutations of cells
and growth? Or What? Incredible disease is hiding in us and playing with us in strange ways.
We have to go in past to explain the present. Is it possible? What to do?
Start finding out, how to kill cancer cells?
Find out from 1000 and more chemical substances or agents which can kill cancer cells. What about the normal cells and the rest of human body when chemicals are used? Forget the normal cells, body and mind. Let us have the trial. This trial is not on humans but on lower types of animals e.g. rats, mouse, guinea pigs, etc. These trials started in 1940 or 1946 or so for cancer. The name was given if the chemical used which killed cancer cells in petri dish as Chemotherapy , (Cytotoxic drug/s), agent/so It is poison to cancer cells and at the same time why not to normal I cells and the whole body? It is. Thousands or million animals were sacrificed. One by one many chemicals were put on trials. Finally, when one chemical failed, two or three or four or five were mixed (a cocktail) and given. What is the result? In many such trials on animals and a few trials made on humans here and there in different countries of the world on many races, different constitutions of the body and at several stages of cancers. What is the result? Question is how much chemotherapy was/is curative to kill all cancer cells in humans? What about their side effects? What about the relapse of the cancer and metastasis in a patient after chemotherapy? What about low immunity created after repeated chemotherapy? How many people who took chemotherapy for various types of cancer lived or survived? How long? None or one until 1990 or so! But there are some spontaneous cured cases recorded without chemotherapy and other systems of Medicines. How and why questions arise? There is no answer for that. Nature has her own way. Doubts are/were started in the minds of Convention Medicine (we call Allopathy). Can chemotherapy produce another cancer while treating one type of cancer? May be, yes. If Chemotherapy is successful for cancer treatment it should improve survival and curative rates. It has not been done. Cancer rates are increasing every day, monthly and yearly (WHO) and new chemotherapy agents are added and old are forgotten. Why old chemotherapy agents are/were forgotten? Mortality rate has increased instead of coming down. Is it possible to bring down morality rates? No or never with Chemotherapy!
Is Prevention better than cure?
Yes. There is always BUT or HOW question arises. How the prevention to is : be done? What to
eat and what not to eat? What occupation to do or not to do? And all etc. It is all theoretical
arguments. Cancer and cancer word will remain immortal.
How to do research for cancer cure? Is there any way? May be!
To cure cancer we need cancer drug/medicine which can produce dynamic, physiological and pathological effects similar to cancer signs and symptoms in healthy human beings or cancer like signs and symptoms. Is it possible? Yes. It is a way which was discovered by Dr. Hahnemann in 1789. In Homoeopathy we have done proving of medicines (drugs) on healthy human beings, male and female and noticed that these drugs/medicines have produced similarity of signs and symptoms to different types of cancer. A law came out with, such proving with a single drug/medicine. The Law is “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” a Law of cure for/to the waiting World.
Further he wrote in the 6th Edition of the Organon of Medicine in 1842 in § 145. “Of a truth it is only by a very considerable store of medicines accurately known in respect of these their pure modes of action in altering the health of man that we can be placed in a position to discover a homoeopathic remedy, a suitable artificial (curative) morbific analogue of each of the infinitely numerous morbid states in nature, for every malady in the world. In the meantime, even now-thanks to the truthful character of the symptoms, and-to the abundance of disease elements which every one of the powerful medicinal substances has already shown in its action on the healthy body-but few diseases remain, for which a tolerably suitable homoeopathic remedy may not be met with among those now proved as to their pure action,”? which without much disturbance, restores health in a gentle, sure and permanent manner-infinitely more surely and safety than can be effected by all the general and special therapeutics of the old allopathic medical art with its unknown composite remedies, which do but alter and aggravate but cannot cure chronic diseases, and rather retard than promote recovery from acute diseases and
frequently endanger life.”
Further he wrote in the footnote 106 “At first, about forty years ago, I was the only person who made the proving of the pure powers of medicines the most important of his occupations. Since then I have been assisted in this by some young men, who instituted experiments on themselves, and whose observations I have critically revised. Following these some genuine work of this kind was done by a few others. But what shall we not be able to effect in the way of curing in the whole extent of the infinitely large domain of disease, when numbers of accurate and trustworthy observers shall have rendered their services in enriching this, the only true materia medica, by careful experiments on themselves! The healing art will then come near the mathematical sciences in certainty.”
How and when Homoeopathy can be near the mathematical sciences in certainty?
Hahnemann wrote thus in § 143. ”If we have thus tested on the healthy individual a considerable number of simple medicines and carefully and faithfully registered all the disease elements and symptoms they are capable of developing as artificial disease-producers, then only have we a true materia medica – a collection of real, pure, reliable 105 modes of action of simple medicinal substances, a volume of the book of nature, wherein is recorded a considerable array of the peculiar changes of the health and sym toms ascertained to belong to each of the powerful medicines, as they were revealed to the attention of the observer, in which the likeness of the (homoeopathic) disease elements of many natural diseases to be hereafter cured by them are present, which, in a word, contain artificial morbid states, that furnish for the similar natural morbid states the only true, homoeopathic, at is to say, specific, therapeutic instruments for effecting their certain and permanent cure.”
Further and finally he wrote in § 144. ”F m such a materia medica everything that is conjectural all that is mere assertion or imaginary should be strictly excluded; everything should be the pure language of nature care lly and honestly interrogated.”
N.B. New proving of medicines after Hahnemann and Kent are/were doubtful and not critically and honestly interrogated provings (Hahnemann). Kent said “Farce”. These drugs/medicines which are provings or clinically proved ar /were included in the new Repertories and in computer programmes. These are/were with the followings;
(1) Theoretical approach.
(2) Dream proving.
(3) Meditation proving.
(4) Not confirmed signs and symptoms clinically in clinics by Doctors.
(5) Imaginary or pictured with beautiful language or by free lance writers or probable signs and
(6) Kingdom classified drugs/medicines, their habits and their qualities, signs and symptoms.
Not proved physically on healthy humans.
All of these are/were included in new and recent Repertories and programmes.
Once it so happened when Dr. D. P. Rastogi, Dr. G. Paul and myself during Lega Congress in
U.S.A. made a visit to the exhibition stalls and we came across computer Repertory Programme
section. In one program we saw more than 4,000(?) medicines while the Kent Repertory has 657 medicines. Dr. Rastogi asked the man in-charge how he added so many drugs/medicines and their signs and symptoms in the Repertory and in the program? Are we using so many medicines in our clinics? Any newly added medicines do not come out within 20 or 25 top medicines during Repertorisation? The man in-charge was a doctor and he developed the programme with one University collaboration. Further he told us that new drugs/medicines which are/were added are/were with their clinical signs and symptoms of cured cases of various doctors who have reported them in the Homoeopathic Journals. It was a surprise and shock to us. So, honestly interrogated (Hahnemann) proved signs and symptoms are/were not added in the programme and in the Repertory. I was very curious and asked the Dr. to show the rubrics in which Luffa operculata are/were there. He showed us and I asked him from where these rubrics are/were taken. He told us that these rubrics are from Dr. Patel of India who has published a small book on it. That it is. All what the Dr. added were clinical signs and symptoms of the patients and the drugs/medicines. How he graded the signs and symptoms and also of drugs/medicines was a mystery to us? To me and Dr. Rastogi the whole Repertory and the programme were doubtful additions of rubrics and medicines. So we all concluded that added signs and symptoms and their medicines were not proved and verified and interrogated (Hahnemann). Once the patient is cured or relieved by the particular medicine, you cannot add that medicine and its signs and symptoms of the patient in the Repertory. This is the way the present Repertories and Repertorisation programmes are made arid: new additions are brought out yearly basis and in the program me. What will be the fate of Homoeopathy and its patients when selected medicine with this/such program me fail?             .
Accidentally the same Doctor came to India and visited our Homoeopathy History Museum at Vadodara and sawall the six editions of Kent. He took photographs of all of them. Then he asked me how did I get all the editions? I told him that I got these for my corrections of the Kent’s Repertory which I am doing since 50 years from USA, Great Britain, and Germany. I told him that Kent’s Repertory needs corrections, confirmations, verifications and not additions of rubrics and medicines. Who are the doctors who have confirmed newly added medicines in their clinics or hospitals? Now he has brought out a new Repertory only on Kent’s 6th edition and omitted all other additions of rubrics and medicines. The old Repertory and programme remains the same. It is not the true and honest presentation of Homoeopathy. May be a business attitude of mind to increase the volume of the book and new editions of the book (Repertory) and the computer programme for repertorisation.
All drugs/medicines which were proved by Hahnemann and his disciples are being used even now and on that principle we do add every year since 1890 which are our permanent treasure and day by day we homoeopaths verify their effects clinically in varieties of diseases including cancer cases in thousands and millions of patients every day throughout the world and confirm the efficacy of proved medicines on different and various diseases, acute, epidemic, chronic including cancer and even unknown diseases for which Allopathy has no treatment or medicines. Homoeopathy is a Natural Science and Art to practice clinically which will remain permanent over the years to come.
We Homoeopaths have treated many cancer patients in the past and now also we are treating according to signs and symptoms similarity based on the Law “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” and we do get results such as curative, remission of signs and symptoms, pains palliation, etc. Clinically also we have shown the results which are/were evidence based proof that Homoeopathy has drugs/medicines for cancer. This can be proved by CT scan, MRI, Tumor Markers, USG and . laboratory reports of tissues and blood. As a matter of fact we have proved by above techniques- of investigations. Do we require further research in Homoeopathy? Yes.
Which are the ways to do further research works in Homoeopathy?     I
Dr. Hahnemann had mentioned in the footnote 118 to Para. 205 that cancer is due to effects of MIASMS which are/were extension of signs and symptoms of Chronic nature in Homoeopathy and in patients which are/were expressed in local signs and other symptoms. These local signs and symptoms are/were suppressed by local treatment by strong medicaments or by surgery. Psora is the fundamental cause followed by Syphilis and then Sycosis. At times
Psora is the main cause in many cases. Hahnemann after thorough and careful investigation
of the ancient medical history for the cause of chronic diseases wrote in the Introduction of Organon of Medicine, 6th edition, footnote 1, thus; “It would have been much more consonant with sound human reason and with the nature of things, had they, in order to be able to cure a
disease, regarded the originating cause as the causa morbi, and endeavored to discover that, and thus been enabled successfully to employ the mode of treatment which had shown itself useful in maladies having the same exciting cause, in those also of a similar origin, as, for example, the same mercury is efficacious in an ulcer of the glans after impure coitus, as in all previous venereal chancres-if, I say, they had discovered the exciting cause of all other (non-venereal) chronic diseases to be an infection at one period or another with the itch miasm (psora), and had found for all these a common method of treatment, regard being had for the peculiarities of each individual case, whereby all and each of these chronic diseases might have been cured, then might they with justice have boasted that in the treatment of chronic diseases they had in view the only available and useful causa morborum chronicorum (non venereorum), and with this as a basis they might have treated such diseases with the best results. But during these many centuries they were unable to cure the millions of chronic diseases, because they knew not their origin in the psoric miasm (which was first discovered and afterwards provided with a suitable plan of treatment by homoeopathy), and yet they vaunted that they alone kept in view the prima causa, of these diseases in their treatment, and that they alone treated rationally, although they had not the slightest conception of the only useful knowledge of their psoric origin and consequently they bungled the treatment of all chronic diseases!”
Further Hahnemann had mentioned in the footnote to Para. 80 how many diseases are/were due to suppression of local signs and symptoms of inte rnal diseases by strong local medicament and also by surgery during Hahnemann’s time and even now. This is/was not the theory only but it is a fact and that too a scientific fact which can be proved c1inicaUy in any diseases including cancer cases as well as by latest techniques of MOdern Medicine (Convention Medicine) such as CT, CT-PT, MRi, Tumor markers and other laboratory reports.
Treatment approach in/by Allopathy and Homoeopathy:
Hahnemann wrote for Allopathy, thus; § 41. “Much more frequent than the natural diseases associating with and complicating one another in the same body are the morbid complications which the inappropriate medical treatment (the allopathic method) is apt to produce by the long- continued employment of unsuitable drugs. To the natural disease, which it is proposed to cure, there are then added, by the constant repetition of the unsuitable medicinal agent, the new, often very tedious, morbid conditions corresponding to the nature of this agent; these gradually coalesce with and complicate the chronic malady which is dissimilar to them (which they Were unable to cure by similarity of action, that is, homoeopathically), adding to the old disease a new, dissimilar, artificial malady of a chronic nature, and thus give the patient a double in place of a single disease, that is to say, render him much worse and more difficult to cure, often quite incurable. Many of the cases for which advice is asked in medical joumals, as also the records of other cases in medical writings, attest the truth of this. Of a similar character are the frequent cases in which the venereal chancrous disease, complicated especially with psora or with the dyscrasia of condylomatous gonorrhoea, is not cured by long-continued or frequently repeated treatment with large doses of unsuitable mercurial preparations, but assumes its place in the organism beside the chronic mercurial affection” that has been in the. meantime gradually developed, and thus along with it often foODS a hideous monster of complicated disease (under the general name of masked venereal disease), which then, when not quite incurable, can only be transformed into health with the greatest difficulty”. Has any change made by Allopathy? No. As usual since many years the practitioners of Allopathy (Now called Convention MediCine) continue the same way treatment.
Hahnemann wrote for Homoeopathy, thus; § 277 “For the same reason, and because a medicine, Provided the dose of it was Sufficiently small, is all the more salutary and almost marvellously efficacious the more accurately homoeopathic its selection has been, a medicine whose selection has been accurately homoeopathic must be all the more salutary the more its dose is reduced to the degree of minuteness appropriate for a, gentle remedial effect.” Again he wrote what dose of internal medicine should be given by stating thus in § 278. “Here the question arises, what is this most suitable degree of minuteness for sure and gentle remedial effect; how small, in other words, must be the dose of each individual medicine, homoeopathically selected for a case of disease, to effect the best cure? To solve this problem, and to determine for every particular medicine, what dose of it will suffice for homoeopathic therapeutic purposes and yet be so minute that the gentlest and most rapid cure may be thereby obtained-to solve this problem is, as may easily be conceived, not the work of theoretical speculation; not by fine-spun reasoning, not by specious sophistry, can we expect to obtain the solution of this problem. It is just as impossible as to tabulate in advance all imaginable cases. Pure experiment, careful observation of the sensitiveness of each patient, and accurate experience can alone determine this in each individual case, and it were absurd to adduce the large doses of unsuitable (allopathic) medicines of the old system, which do not touch the diseased side of the organism homoeopathically, but only attack the parts unaffected by the disease, in opposition to what pure experience pronounces respecting the smallness of the doses required for homoeopathic cures”.
“Further he wrote, § 279 “This pure experience shows UNIVERSALLY, that if the disease do not manifestly depend on a considerable deterioration of an important viscus (even though it belong to the chronic and complicated diseases), and if during the treatment all other alien medicinal influences are kept away from the patient, the dose of the homoeopathically selected and highly potentized remedy for the beginning of treatment of an important, especially chronic disease can never be prepared so small that it shall not be stronger than the natural disease and shall not be able to overpower it, at least in part and extinguish it from the sensation of the principle of life and thus make a beginning of a cure”.
Hahnemann wrote these all for the use of 50 Miilesimal dynamization to avoid “undesirable reaction of the vital energy (footnote to Para. 246). “The 50 Millesimal potencies are most useful way to avoid aggravation in pathological cases including cancer. Out of 40,000 and more cases of cancer I have noticed, may be in 10 or 15 cases of aggravation. I then stop giving or repeating medicine for 8 or 10 or 15 days depending on the conditions of the patients. We use double dilution method for minimum dose (Hahnemann). For 3 or 4 cups. diluting medicine is not for all patients which is not practical for Indian patients and in India which was used by Hahnemann for very sensitive patients in Paris.      .
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