Syphilis is the chronic disease from the first day of infection. It is contagious from the beginning. Treponema pallidum is responsible for the infection. Its incubation period is generally 12 to 18 days, sometimes up to 3 months. It can vary due to miasmatic condition of the individual, strong acute affection, environmental condition, use of heteropathy or allopathic strong medicine that temporarily creates a strong barrier around the vital force so that the primary symptoms of the disease is not manifested. This rule is also applicable for any other infections of the disease. This happens because dissimilar repel each other and similar attracts and cure each other.
According to my personal point of view, the only primary miasm is psora. Syphilis and Gonorrhoea are produced by suppressing the psoric constitutional diseases. Syphilis first came as an epidemic in 1495 during first evolutionary war in Europe. Actually both are metastatic condition of Psora. That’s why great Hahnemann at first was not aware of Psora. He needed 12 years of research to find after syphilis and gonorrhoea. Now it is clear that syphilis and Gonorrhoea are the result of metastasis of psora. They are secondary miasm like tubercular, cancerous etc.
Syphilis is sexually transmitted bacterial disease. When someone is infected with syphilis, he produces primary chancre after an incubation period. During this process, it is very easy to cure this disease permanently if you select a perfect homeopathic remedy according to the disease symptomatology.
If the primary chancre remains untreated, at the end of two months, the external manifestation, the roseola and other eruptions is produced. Gradually we see the mucous patches/ ulcers in the throat and finally hair fall is the troublesome symptom.
Weaker vital force (due to different strong miasmatic condition of the individual, strong allopathic drug, environmental extreme cold condition, strong acute disease, it cannot perform its actual work) suppressed or delay the manifestation of secondary symptoms. Both conditions are the same. The disease operates upon the internal organs:  brain, liver, kidneys, spleen, heart, lung, tissue and  bones. But, brain and periostium are the most favourable sites.
In the early stage of syphilis, perfect homeopathic treatment strikes at the root of the disease so that painful chancre became painless, sore become mild and harmless, the bubo will suppurate and the mucous patches/sore throat will be greatly relieved so that patient gradually feels more and more comfortable.
If anyone suppresses the primary manifestation by allopathic or heteropathic treatment, it will surely mix with internal psoric constitution of the individual and create a new constitutional state called Syphilitic constitution. This is several times more severe than before. After suppression, gradually the patient has biparietal head pain, weakness of mind, tertiary gummatous formation, deep seated ulceration and break down of the health. If you hold this type of case, you should select perfect syphilitic constitutional remedy according to the miserable condition of the individual. It can only restore the health and cure him by bringing out all the suppressed manifestations. The primary sore will come back. He will begin to ulcerate. Sore throat may develop, but necrosis of bone that was severely painful gradually ceases and the periostitis will subside very quickly. Sometimes iritis will come with tertiary symptoms. The perfect syphilitic constitutional remedy will relieve all the symptoms. At last, sore throat comes out that is indurate, hard, gristle like tissue that are infiltrated with gummatous deposits. This stage is very crucial for treatment because patient undergoes some trouble. If patient leaves your treatment due to severity of the present condition, he will surely go into insanity or cancerous condition, even death. Vigorous counselling is needed.
When wife gets infected with syphilis from her husband in the primary stage of the disease, she will get primary chancre. If her husband has suppressed his primary chancre and then married her, she will not get initial lesion. Instead she will produce tertiary symptoms. But she never gets infected of syphilis if she has strong dissimilar disease previously. According to the natural law, if two dissimilar diseases meet in an individual, stronger one repel the weaker one. This authentic rule is also applicable for any kind of infection. When she has a child by him, the child will also have infection at the secondary or tertiary stage of the disease. But wife will remain uninfected. This child will grow up with the disease that relates to his hereditary constitution. He will go with all the destructive disease throughout his miserable life. You must treat this case carefully according to different miasmatic layers of the individual.
There are so many parameters to cure these cases. Physician must be wise; noble and he should have deep knowledge of Organon, knowledge of homeopathic philosophy, knowledge of miasmatic condition, knowledge of divine thought to restore the sick to health.

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