Gonorrhoea is caused by Gram-negative diplococcus Neisseria gonorrhoea which infects columnar epithelium in the lower genital tract, rectum, pharynx and eyes. In males, anterior urethritis causes dysuriya and purulent discharge. In females, the lower cervical canal gets infected with vaginal discharge and dysuria. Homosexual men may have rectal infection. Pharyngeal gonorrhoea also affects males and females occasionally.
Homeopathy has a way to treat GONORRHOEA permanently. When an individual is infected with the disease according to the inherent miasmatic condition of the person, the system produces some symptoms. The perfect homeopathic remedy also producing the same clinical symptoms like GONORRHOEA, will cure the disease perfectly. If any GONORRHOEA infected person suppresses his primary gonorrhoeal discharge with the help of heteropathic or allopathic treatment, then  GONORRHOEA mixes with the psoric miasmatic condition of the individual and a new miasmatic constitution is created. This is sycotic miasmatic constitution.

There are two types of GONORRHOEA, acute and chronic. Both are infectious with a prodrome period and primary discharge. But, acute gonorrhoea has three distinct period like any other acute disease, prodrome, progress and decline period. The acute infections are not severe for our economy, and our vigorous condition of health overcome it very easily without any treatment or with a suitable homeopathic remedy. A sycotic miasmatic constitution is created if anybody suppresses it by allopathic treatment. Majority of the cases of gonorrhoea are acute. On the other hand, if chronic gonorrhoea is suppressed by heteropathic or allopathic treatment, the influx goes inwards and creates sycotic miasmatic condition in the individual and it is several times more severe. After suppressing the primary discharge it will affect the more vital organ, the mucous membrane and causes constant nasal discharge. If the individual is previously affected with very deep strong syphilitic miasmatic condition and patient’s condition is very feeble to keep the influx outward then after suppressing the primary gonorrhoeal discharge it will attack more vital organ instead of nasal discharges, often lung that turn to tuberculosis state and often create an anaemic condition that gradually produces epithelioma. On the other hand, if the patient is deeply sycotic, after suppressing, instead of nasal discharges he will have severe rheumatic pain and sometimes Bright’s disease. After suppressing the primary discharge of gonorrhoea, the patient suffers rheumatic pain so severely that the pain is excruciating and twisting all the time. He needs to be in constant motion to bear pain. If again it is suppressed by allopathic treatment it metastases to sheath of the nerve and patient suffers more severe condition. If again it is suppressed by injections, it will affect more vital organ and causes tendonitis. The tendons contract and shorten causing soreness in the thigh and calf muscles that are painful to touch and gradually with allopathic treatment it extends to the feet of the lower extremities causing inability to walk. So he crawls with hand and feet like Medorrhinum. In syphilitic patient if gonorrhoea is suppressed, he might suffer from typhoid or Alzheimer and senile dementia.
The process of treatment is very important.  When someone is infected with gonorrhoea, after prodrome period primary discharge comes with many symptoms. Then you should select a perfect remedy which also produces same clinical symptoms like gonorrhoea.  The patient gets cured permanently.  When sycotic miasmatic condition is created by suppressing primary discharge then you should select a perfect anti sycotic remedy according to the miasmatic condition of the individual. After administrating the perfect remedy the primary discharge will reappear again and patient gradually gets cured. When the patient suppresses his primary gonorrhoeal discharge with allopathic treatment, after marriage his wife will also get infected with secondary stage of the disease and she will never suffer with nasal discharges like her husband. She will suffer with severe anaemic condition, uterine trouble, vaginal trouble and abdominal diseases. If anybody suppresses all the menstrual related diseases, she will go into Hysteria or Epileptic condition. When you treat such a patient with perfect anti sycotic remedy, you will never see reappearance of the primary discharge. She will be cured gradually without primary gonorrhoeal discharge. Watch the children of the sycotic family with history of suppressed gonorrhoea. They often have tendency to marasmus and consumption. At a very early age, they suffer from indigestion, lientric stool, cholera, retardation of body and mind and have old looking features. If you start treatment, at first you should go with perfect anti sycotic remedy according to the sycotic miasmatic condition of the individual.  Then, you should go gradually according to other miasmatic condition of the individual and save his life.
All the above are some guidelines for curing gonorrhoea but actual treatment is very difficult. It depends on pure knowledge of Organon, miasmatic concept and homeopathic philosophy.  So try to perceive it by your wisdom.

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