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Clinical Case of Psoric Miasm with Allergic disorder

Master V, an eighth standard student consulted on 5th December 2005. He was suffering from a severe form of allergic disorder. He complained of sneezing in the morning immediately after waking. This paroxysmal sneezing lasted for 30 to 45 minutes every day. He was suffering from this disease since the age of 3. He was under antihistamines that gave temporary relief. Seldom has he used steroidal nasal spray. After prolonged use of antihistamines he was in a stage of lower respiratory tract spasm and was advised for using inhalers.  Parents hesitated to put him under inhalers and thus started homoeopathic treatment from local clinics with good result in the beginning. They reported relief for the time being or relief only when taking medicines. They are in need of a permanent cure to their child and they are anticipating Bronchial Asthma too.
The results of investigations done are as follows:

Investigation Result Normal Range Miasm
Blood TLC 110000 4000 to 10000/cmm Sycotic (Proliferation)
Polymorphs 70% 50-60% Sycotic( Proliferation)
Lymphcytes 22% 20-40% Psoric (Deficiency)
Eosinophils 8% 1-6 % Psoric (Sensitivity)
AEC 950 40 –440/cmm Psoric (Sensitivity)
Total IgM 1100 Up to 500 Psoric (Acute sensitivity)
Total IgG 2300 Up to 1000 Latent Psora (Chronic sensitivity)

Investigation Miasmatic ratio: 5: 2 :0 (5Psora, 2 Sycotic and 0 Syphilis)
His case was taken in detail following data was collected.  The patient has dust allergy and he sneezes whenever he is exposed to cold air. All his allergic symptoms get aggravated every winter.  His mother is also suffering from dust allergy and his father is a chronic alcoholic. His grandfather died of cirrhosis of liver and his younger brother and uncle is suffering from dust allergy. He desires sweets and he has no aversion to any food.  He is much sensitive to strong odors and tries to avoid as much as possible because he develops sneezing from strong
He was a bright student in school but his hand writing was not so good. His mother told that it happens because of his hastiness in writing. He finishes writing within no time always and nobody can read his hand writing. His mother told that it is his basic nature. He will finish his meals while others just began to eat. Though he is hurried in everything he can’t do anything due to this hurried nature.  This hurriedness is his unique symptom without which he is not himself.  He does not concentrate in his studies but he has more focus on other things like watching movies etc.
His case was miasmatically analyzed as follows.
Inherited Miasmatic ratio

Psora Sycosis Syphilis
Mother having dust allergy
Brother having dust allergy
Uncle suffering from dust allergy
Nil Father is Alcoholic
Grandfather died of Cirrhosis of liver

His Inherited miasmatic ratio is 3:0:2 (3psora, 0sycosis, 2 syphilis) so his acquired miasm is Psoric – syphilitic = Tubercular
His acquired Miasmatic ratio

Psora Sycosis Syphilis
Paroxysmal Sneezing in the morning.
Functional Bronchial Spasm
Sneezing from Dust
Sneezing from exposure to cold
Winter <
Desire Sweets
Sensitive to strong odor
Hurry in writing, eating
Suppression of allergy by antihistamines and steroids
Can’t do things due to hastiness (incoordination)
Difficulty in study and concentration

His acquired Miasmatic ratio is 8:2:1 ie.  3:1:1
His case was repertorized with following rubrics.
·         MIND – CONCENTRATION – difficult – studying
·         MIND – HURRY – eating; while
·         MIND – HURRY – movements, in – fast enough; cannot do things
·         MIND – HURRY – writing, in
·         MIND – MOOD – changeable
·         MIND – SENSITIVE – odors, to
·         NOSE – SNEEZING – cold agg.; becoming
·         NOSE – SNEEZING – dust causes
·         GENERALS – COLD – air – agg.
·         GENERALS – DUST – agg.
·         GENERALS – FAMILY HISTORY of – alcoholism
·         GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sweets – desire
·         GENERALS – SEASONS – winter – agg.
This patient was defined in a single sentence as “a hurry child with allergic sensitivity”. Emerged remedies in repertorization are Sul, Lyc, Hepar Sulp, Bell, Acid Sulph
His chaCacteristic rubrics are-
MIND – HURRY – eating; while
MIND – HURRY – movements, in – fast enough; cannot do things
MIND – HURRY – writing, in

Acid Sulph covered these three unique and psoric rubrics with 3 mark intensity for each rubrics. So Acid  Sulph was prescribed in 200th potency with infrequent repetitions. His allergic symptoms relieved within a matter of 2 weeks. But lack of concentration in studies persisted even after 1 month.  He was given a dose of Lyssin 200 as the nearest Anti tubercular nosode that covered the family history.
He was sent for a laboratory investigation by the Hospital’s documentation wing and the results were as follows.

Investigation Result Normal Range
Blood Total Count 4200 4000 to 10000/cmm
Polymorphs 60% 50-60%
Lymph 30% 20-40%
Eosinophils 2% 1-6 %
AEC 110 40 – 440/cmm
Total IGM 50 Up to 500
Total IgG 700 Up to 1000

Marked changes occurred in his academic career and the allergic disorder improved that lead him to a state of better health.

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