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Bent, not Broken-Living Without Psoriasis-A Reality Case Study-Psoriasis

Abstract: Psoriasis & other auto-immune diseases are on the rise but unfortunately a large percentage of patients suffering from this disfiguring disease are just treated, never cured. Homeopathy, however, can offer a RAPID, GENTLE & PERMANENT CURE (aphorism 2) and ensure the patient leads an itch-free, scale-free life. The Kentian approach has been taken in this case study to arrive at the similimum and the remedy was seldom changed (only when a characteristic acute totality presented.) Intermittent acute complaints were treated with home remedies & supplements. Single remedy starting with 30, step up to 200 was needed and under one year, an 8 year long complaint of psoriasis was cured-WITH NO RECURRENCE FOR A YEAR, in any season. As the scaling and peeling abated the patient developed black discolouration on the affected part- but as the remedy was sure it wasn’t changed and within a short time the skin colour became absolutely normal- with no remnant reminder to the patient of his itchy past! This suggests that Homeopathy can effectively treat auto-immune diseases while simply sticking to the basics. As a physician, out only ‘mission is to cure the sick, and that should always be the aim- CURE NOT JUST TREAT.
Keywords: Psoriasis, Homoeopathic treatment, Aurum met, Kali sulph.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not
be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
Sadly, this dream of Martin Luther King, Jr still remains just that. The world over, and India especially, are over concerned with their skin-colour, appearance and
everything related to it.
Psoriasis is found to affect 2 % of the world’s population but its impact on the patient’s life is immense ranging from simple appearance consciousness in mild cases to severe impairment due to psoriatic arthropathy.
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory, auto- immune skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin. Normally, skin
cells grow gradually and flake off about every 4 weeks. New skin cells  grow to replace the outer layers of the skin as they shed. But in psoriasis, new skin cells move rapidly to the surface of the skin in days rather than weeks. They build up and form thick patches called plaques. They most often appear on the knees, elbows, scalp, hands, feet, or lower back. Psoriasis is most common in adults. It is characterized by exfoliation, itching, swelling and pain. Psoriasis is classified as vulgaris, guttate, inverse, oral and
seborrheic- type.
Psoriasis is classified as a papulo squamous disorder and is classified under ICD 10 L40 code. Conventional medicine offers no cure for psoriasis and treatment modalities largely consist of topical steroids, phototherapy and on occasion systemic oral drugs.
Homoeopathy, on the other hand, offers complete remission and cure with oral medication and just physical emollients such as coconut oil.
Case History
A 45/M, Mr. G.C, presented to us with burning pain and redness of the tongue since 2 months. Pain was aggravated on swallowing because of which he unable to eat. Burning was severe and thirst was increased, salivation was normal.
Patient is also a K/C/O Psoriasis and Hypertension for which he is on Homeopathic treatment. He says- “I will continue treatment there only, but they are unable to help my
burning so can you relieve it?” Based on the acute totality, Belladonna 1M was given repeatedly for 7 days. 7 days later, he comes back and says there is absolutely no
burning, he is able to eat solids also comfortably. On examination, I found some degree of stomatitis persistent so continued the same treatment.
On the 26th of September, he says he is very happy with the treatment and would like to continue here only for psoriasis and hypertension.So, the chronic history was taken as follows:
Preliminary Data
Name- Mr. G. C
Age- 45
Sex- M
Occupation- Business (runs a grocery store)
Date- 26-9-14
Chief Complaints
1. Psoriasis since 13 years Especially on elbows, legs, lower back and abdomen
Itching ++<warmth, of=”” p=”” scaling=””>
2. Hypertension
Associated Complaints
1. Pain in knees and left calf
2. Cracked heels (bilateral)
3. Corn on right foot (sole)- painful < walking
4. Weakness- generalized
Family history
Past History
Nothing significant
Patient as a Person
Appearance- Lean, thin
Appetite- Poor Veg
Thirst- 8-9 glasses/ day
Craving- Nothing significant
Aversion- Nothing significant
Perspiration- scanty
Dreams- Nothing specific
Thermals- Ambithermal
Stool- unsatisfactory, burning pain at anus
Urine- No complaints
Sleep- refreshing, position- back and sides
Life Situation
Stays with wife and 2 daughters. Has become indifferent to work, life in general (“Kuch accha hi nahi lagta.” Translation- I don’t like anything, no interest.)
Becomes irritable due to his illness, is very worried about his health, and shouts at family members.
Likes to travel but can’t take off from work. His life is very routine, just works, eats and sleeps. Says I have no hobbies, nothing interests me. Wakes up at 4:30 am and goes to the temple daily. Very particular about work and things around the house. Shouts at wife and kids if things are not in order.
General Examination
Temp- 98.80 F
Pulse- 84 bpm
RR- 14/min
BP- 130/80mm Hg
Observations-eyes are sunken, serious disposition
Systemic Examination
CVS- S1, S2 heard
GIT- PA so?
CNS- Conscious, oriented
Local Examination
Heels- deep cracks
Elbows, calves, lower back- plaques, scaling
·         Anxiety about his health
·         Likes to travel
·         Fastidious
·         Sunken eyes
·         Sleeps on back and sides
·         Burning in mouth after eating
·         Burning at rectum
·         Cracks on heels
·         Psoriatic eruptions, itching < warmth
·         Hypertension
After a detailed history and examination diagnosis of PSORIASIS VULGARIS was made. It comes under the ICD-10 2015 version classification in chapter
12, section L00-L99 at sub section L40.0
Case Analysis
Kentian approach was used and the repertorization was as follows: (See
Figure 1

Although it wasn’t amongst the first 5 remedies, Aurum metallicum was chosen as the similimum. It covered the mental characteristics of desire for travel, fastidiousness, religiousness, serious approach to life with focus on work, physical attributes such as sunken eyes, and is deep acting for conditions such as psoriasis and hypertension.
30 potency was selected as advised by Dr. Hahnemann in Chronic Diseases and practiced by esteemed Dr. Farokh Master. The medicine was given in repetition, twice daily for 15 days.
Follow Up


Without sounding too cliché I would like to go back to the basics- Aphorism 3. Before taking on any case, its important know the disease and its course and the scope of
Homeopathy. In this case too, the disease course and possible winter aggravation was conveyed to the patient and he was followed up for a year. For remedy selection repertory was referred to but the core of the patient’s personality matched well
with Aurum metallicum and thus it was selected. During the course of treatment, as the chief complaint kept improving (and BP was maintained) acute and other phasic
remedies were refrained from. Once the peeling and plaque formation
ceased, the patient developed black patchy discolouration on the calves. He was reassured and asked to be patient while the same line of treatment continued and
subsequently skin colour returned to normal.
Take home messages:
1. Be confi dent of your science, your skill
2. Know the disease course and prognosis thoroughly
3. Be patient while treating your patient, don’t change remedies and potencies in a hurry. Happy reading and Happy treating!
About the Author
Dr. Kanika Sabharwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at CMP Homeopathic Medical College has done her MD in Paediatrics and is currently practicing at Breach Candy, Sion and Mumbadevi Homeopathic Hospital in Mumbai. She has had articles published in the esteemed National Journal of Homeopathy and enjoys writing, especially to spread awareness about Homeopathy and the wide spectrum of its scope.
Source: The Homoeopathic Heritage

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