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A Case of Hypothyroidism

A Case of Hypothyroidism

Juhi 9 yr 30-4-01 Ref: W/25/01 
Father 34. Business. Mother 34. Live in Vasai. Only child.
1.Swelling neck since 2000, noticed by Paediatrician.
Investigated as F/H of hypothyroid.
Pt no pain or complaint.
                                                                              2. Frequent tonsillitis After coloured sweets and cold drinks.
                                                                              Also frequent calf pains from overexertion, dancing>                                                                                             pressure.
 Pt very lean 25.5Kg Ht 53″.
Eruptions on elbow. Few caries.
Craving: ice-cream, chocolates, cold drinks, non-veg.
Aversion: yellow of an egg.
Thirst less only 1-2 glasses per day.
LIFE STORY: Salient features: Born after 4 yrs of marriage with hormonal treatment,
after 1 abortion. Mother very tense in pregnancy for child to be Normal.
Wt 7.5 Ibs. Lactated till 21m/2 y. Milestones Normal except stammering due to
hasty speech. Single unit family. Paternal grand mother in village. Maternal grand
mother in Byculla.
Mother herself very tense and fearful: Does not let child go down alone to play.
Patient mixes easily except with strangers.
Fear dark3, alone, dogs2, lizards, snakes.
Prays to God3, even before school, before going to play.
Praying is too much of an obsession and mother is rightly concerned.
Sleeps on abdomen.
Thermal: C3H2.
No aversion sun, covers in winter with blanket,
In summer cold bath and fan on 5.
Past History 4years back- Fever x 5d Hospitalized
Chicken pox
  1. Concentration poor
  2. Restless to play
  3. Tonsillitis
  4. Hypothyroid
  5. Calves pain 1 month
  6. Caries
  7. Eruptions on elbows
  8. Stammers in hurry
  9. Hair fall 15-20/d
  10. Wt = 25.5kgs
  11. Religious obsession

1013 Concentration difficult children in
1014 Fear alone night
1046 Fear dogs
1137 Stammering
239 Religious
637 Thyroid gland
537 Cr Cold drinks

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