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Patient indicates the indicated remedy!

A case of severe form of Migraine of a 40 year old lady, who had been under my treatment for 2 years with remissions and exacerbation was about to discontinue my treatment as there was recurrence even after 2 years treatment.  She was given Sepia 1M, Iris Ver 200 s.o.s and later Nux Vom 1m & Mellisa Q s.o.s with temporary relief.

She was asked to consult as and when there was recurrence. She made 14 visits within 2 years. Whenever she visited me she demanded a B P Check. Though there was no fluctuation of BP from 120/80 she demanded it each time. And her demand was in a particular manner. It was a nonverbal request. She will point her index finger to Spigmomanometer and indicate her desire to check BP!! As patient was about to discontinue treatment I just tried for a Prescription on the basis of her nonverbal communication to demand blood pressure examination. It was an indication of her desire by gestures. On basis of that symptom she was prescribed Stramonium 1M 1 dose on 10th November 2014.

She brought another migraine case after 4 months and told me that there were no Migraine after the last treatment.

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