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Little Homoeopathic Cases

The homoeopathic physician is a blessed doctor, but how many of us are conscious of it? What wonderful results we all get by using our great system of cure in our day practice! The better Homoeopathy we do, the better the results. It pays to practice good pure Homoeopathy.

The following are a few cases taken at random from my every-day practice. What simplicity! and what outstanding results Homoeopathy gives!
Case No. 1
Mr. N. P., 29 years old, came complaining of a chronic cephalea, in the form of an everyday dull headache, with occasional severe spells every week or so, being relieved after vomiting. He states that he has had this condition since he can remember as a child. He gives a history of having malaria at three years of age. He did not know how his malaria was treated, but without a doubt it was suppressed by the classical quinine suppression treatment. We prescribed for him Nat. mur., followed by an aggravation of his headache next morning. Since then they became milder and less frequent. I\1 three months’ time, he was free of his chronic cephalea. The same remedy and potency was repeated during treatment, once more.
Case No.2
Mr. L. D., 28 years old. His chronic sinusitis got worse and he went to see his physician, who gave him a penicillin injection. Next day a severe skin rash appeared, big welts and a great deal of itching, which got worse as days passed. Someone recommended me, and he came to see me. The patient very restless, a typical urticaria- pencillin case. Nat. mur., Urtica urens, Apis, Penicillin in potency with not much change. Patient got iscouraged, as he wanted “quick” results, and went ot the Veterans Hospital, where they interned him, gave glucose, physics, lotions, etc. A week later the patient was worse and left the hospital. He came to see me again, and this time was willing to wait for results. He knew by then that only Homoeopathy could help his condition. His condition was worse, beside his urticaria, he had rheumatic-like pains in all his joints, he could hardly walk. This time he had a clear picture of Rhus tox, and I gage it in high potency. Improvement started the very first day; he could sleep better. Following the homoeopathic way, ”last  symptom to come, the first to go”. The pains in his joints cleared up first, then the skin.
Case No. 3
Mrs. N. C. A chronic hay fever case. It develops every year in the early fall, and lasts until the first freeze comes. She came in with the typical symptoms, sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes, nostrils raw, stopped up nose at night, better outdoors. Ars. iod was prescribed without any change. On further interrogation we found that she could not bear the light and had to wear dark glasses, that her eye symptoms were worse than her nose symptoms, so we prescribed Euphrasia. Three days later she was another woman, no more sneezing, no more running nose, no more dark glasses. ‘The “hay fever season” was closed to her.
Case No.4
Mr. J. B. C. – A case of incomplete heart block. The auricular-ventricular ratio was 2: 1. Pulse slow and irregular, 45 per minute, skipping beats. He stated that he had been healthy all his life, that he never knew he had a heart, but lately, in the last two years, he had been heart conscious. His doctor told him nothing could be done for his condition, just to lead an easy and quiet life. He gave no history of any importance, so as to trace his present condition. He had always been healthy. He did not smoke or drink. He awoke at night gasping for breath. He could not sleep or lie on the left side. Palpitations, conscious of heart skipping beats. The descending colon was sore and sensitive to the palpating hand. He explained that this soreness had been present for many years. No doctor could tell him what is was, or do anything, but to give an analgesic, which he takes when the pain is aggravated. He has taken this pain killer tablet for several years. The pain is aggravated by exercise and pressure. Sometimes he could not bear the pressure of the clothing. He had no trouble at all with his bowel movements. Prescribed  Lach. That night patient had a severe spell that awakened him from sleep. Then during the following nights he had other milder spells; then no more spells. His colon condition improved. A month later the A-V rhythm was almost normal. An almost normal diastole and systole, with very exceptional skips. Pulse 68, with also very exceptional beats drop. The colon condition was greatly improved.
This condition may not be a true heart block condition,  but his A-V irregularity may mislead more than a physician. It maybe was just a case of “dropped beats,” but at any rate, the help that cardiac cases can get from the homoeopathic indicated remedy. And last, but not least, we have a case of bronchopneumonia in an 18 months old baby. I found the child with much congestion in the lungs and bronchi. Humid rales all over. Cough, high temperature, and very cross and restless, wanted to be in arms all the time, and to change from arm to arm, to be carried around. In spite of the high temperature, 103, there was no thirst. The baby was seriously ill, so we made a repertorization with all these symptoms, using my repertory of perforated and colored cards. We picked up the following cards: Card No. 85, restlessness; Card No. 210, thirst less during heat; Card No. 319, inflammation of lungs, and Card No. 339, fever, heat in general. In a few minutes we chose the remedy, Ipecac., which is given, dissolving a powder in half a glass of boiled water, and a spoonful every three hours. The relatives of the baby were very uneasy, because this baby was very sick and they said that we were doing nothing for him, just giving him water. They wanted the wonder penicillin, but the baby’s parents, knowing what Homoeopathy can do, had confidence in the medicine and it did not take long to turn the tide and a good improvement came in the next 24 hours, resulting in an uneventful recovery of the baby.
1 Cephalia: Headache, especially severe or chronic, with intolerance of light and sound.
2 Urticaria: Disease of the skin characterized by the development of wheals which give rise to sensations of burning or itching.
Source: The Layman Speaks, July 1953


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