International homeopath Alize Timmerman is back at Nun center giving a 2 Day weekend seminar for existing homeopaths and homeopathy students, seeing patients and taking us later in the week through a 4 day retreat with C4 homeopathy.

Circle of Love with C4 Homeopathy
In this 2 day weekend we invite homeopaths as well as current homeopathy students to go on a study journey with Alize Timmerman. In this Journey Alize will give us a deep understanding about  what ‘curing and healing’ really means. She will explain her approach and philosophy in treating chronic disease. She will teach us when and why we may need to use more than ONE remedy to effect a cure.
This weekend will include:
·         On overview and explanation of C4 homeopathy (to do some pre-reading: click here )
·         Study of the human remedies in C4 homeopathy, which include Lac Humanum Feminine and Lac Humanum Masculine, Folliculinum, Ammniotic Fluid, Placenta Feminine,  Oxytocine, Umbilical Cord and Vernix.
·         An overview and differentiation of these remedies as well as comparing them to other mineral remedies such as the bariums and magnesium salts.
·         Understanding of dis-ease as in context of the human development stages.
·         Cases to cement a deep understanding of the remedies and demonstrate their application.
·         Handouts of the remedies and cases discussed.
·         Small gift bag with the major human remedies.
·         Certificate of attendance from the Hahnemann Institute in the Netherlands.
Date: 20 – 21st of January, 2017
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: Nun Center, 4 Shafik Mansour Street, Zamalek.
Price: 180 USD per person. Early Bird: 150$ valid till January 8th 2017.
Bank Details: HSBC account number 001-115088-017. Abul Feda Branch. Swift: EBBKEGCX
Places are limited to 25 participants.
To book your spot, click here or email us at [email protected].
Dahshour C4 Homeopathy Retreat with Alize Timmermann
If you have already been on a retreat with Alize Timmermann, you will know that the knowledge you get is beyond impressive and practically applicable. You will go on a journey of self development through homeopathy in its philosophical, psychological and spiritual context. You will explore with Alize how homeopathy relates to healing principles in different cultures, traditional customs, myths and alchemical knowledge. Topics for this retreat:
·         How to connect to the source which is within us.
·         How to find the source of endless vitality.
·         How to develop self-love The oxytocin project for yourself.
·         The power of the independent woman.
·         The essence of the big pure heart.
·         How to Make yourself free, and how to unblock your source with essential remedies.
·         Insight on how to free yourself from traumatic experiences with development of unconditional love.
·         Orchids, Lotus and Emerald to develop Unconditional Love
This is a professional level retreat, however Alize Timmerman is a gifted teacher that anyone can understand.  She is personable, knowledgeable and makes difficult subjects and concepts easy for anyone to understand.
Date: 25 – 29th of January 2017.
Arrival and start: 11am, 2017
Departure: Morning of January 29th.
Price: 350$ + 2400 EGP. Early Bird: 300$ + 2400 EGP valid till January 8th 2017 This price includes: accommodation in Dahshour on shared basis, 3 meals per day + a small gift bag with the major human remedies. 
Bank Details: HSBC account number 001-115088-017. Abul Feda Branch. Swift: EBBKEGCX
Places are limited to 14 persons. To book your spot click here or email us at [email protected]
Logistics for visitor from outside Cairo
It is best to fly into the Cairo International airport using Egyptair. Example: Egyptair flies directly from Cairo to Amsterdam.
If you are planning to just come for the retreat, then we recommend you stay at the MenaHouse (http://www.menahousehotel.com/) at the foot of the Giza pyramids. If you would like to stay longer in Cairo, we recommend you stay at the Novotel Zamalek (http://www.novotel.com/gb/hotel-6600-novotel-cairo-el-borg/index.shtml) to be more central.
If you would like to visit some other cities in Egypt, we can help you with your questions and recommend some itineraries. Please email me directly at [email protected]
About Alize Timmerman
Alize Timmerman started her career in biochemical research, working in hospitals in The Netherlands and Norway and at the University of Amsterdam.
Later on she studied Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy and started practicing in 1981 and lecturing in 1986. She is the founder (1988) and director of The Hahnemann Institute of The Netherlands.
The Institute organizes in-service training for practicing homoeopaths. Alize lectures all over the world, combining her unique insights in Homeopathy and Psychology with a special talent for didactics and presentation. The Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands, inspired by Jürgen Becker, started provings and triturations in the nineties; in this way a vast amount of knowledge on both new remedies and the Trituration principle has been acquired.
She has a busy practice where she works closely together with 6 college’s developing new strategies of treatment and refining homeopathic treatment.

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