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Cancer, is it possible to cure or palliate or have remission with Homoeopathy? It is all possible with Homoeopathy. If it is so, can it be for various types of Cancers? Why not? Yes, it is possible.
Homoeopathy is a science of therapeutics – the practical branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of diseases in a patient. This is only possible with the therapeutic law conformable to nature – “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR”.
Homoeopathy has universality of action, effect in/on human beings – young, old, children, males, and females with the serious and complex disease – cancer.
These cases have come to me after treatments of allopathy – the so-called Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, and Homoeopathy. Most of the cases are terminal cases.
Can nothing be done for those suffering from this dreadful disease? This malady is and yet remains unconquered. Much can be done to relieve the sufferings and sometimes even to cure with Homoeopathy this dreadful enemy of mankind. To show that in Homoeopathy there is a hope we are presenting some case reports. We lack the opportunity and sometimes medicines. In the present time we get complex conditions in patients who have already had allopathic and other treatments. No clear picture of the original disease condition is seen, but with several side effects. So in this complex picture condition of the patient the original disease is lost. What to do with these patients? Only one prominent sign – cancer which can be a growth or ulcer and all other symptoms disappear. A recent report from cancer panel from U.S.A. says that cancer is over diagnosed and also multiple chemotherapy is overdone. In these situations what can we do?
CANCER a malignant disease is an ulceration or growth of the cells that have lost their normal control mechanism and thus have unregulated growth. Cancer can develop in any tissue within any organ or system.
Cancer can develop in any suppressed condition of the body with miasms. IN ADVANCED STAGE OF CANCER ONLY “PATCH WORK” (KENT) IS POSSIBLE BY WAY OF HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. It leads to “Pain free” life.
How Hahnemann was true even today when he wrote in the foot note to Para.205 of Organon of Medicine, thus, “Local malignant ulcer if removed surgically, the basic cancer, the great internal malady is not removed but it goes to some important part as it does in every case of metastasis.” It is a true fact in many cases after operation, X-Rays, radiation and even with chemotherapy. There are also some cases where the primary is “not known” but the secondaries in glands, bones, organs are noted or seen. In these cases, I have good success with Homoeopathy as long as patient takes medicine, even up to 5 years and has prevented further growth. Some cases that have gone and had taken Radiation to the local part, after sometime, the primary is known and the patient suffers and comes back to me. These cases are terminal cases. Only palliative treatment is possible for the sufferings but it is better than any system.
Homoeopathic treatment indeed generates immune response in the human body and mind. Is it possible to do with present day Laboratory investigation especially CD 4 T cells? I leave it to research workers and scientists to do.
Knowledge that the regular mechanism of a cell can be tampered with, offers a potent weapon for research for both, in the production and the control of malignant neoplasia – tumour.
A tumour growth requires blood supply. Is it possible to stop the supply with homoeopathic medicines in potencies? Yes, it is possible. Homoeopathic medicines in many cases of tumours have stopped the blood supply – ANTI – ANGIOGENESIS and the tumours have stopped growing with homoeopathic medicines when rightly given. It also stops spreading. This has happened in many patients who have lived for 5, 10, 15, 20 years and more under homoeopathic treatment. In many cases, the growth is absorbed and in blood cancer cases, rogue cells have disappeared. What more proofs are needed to prove that potentised homoeopathic medicines work in living human bodies? Of course, there are cases which are incurable and there exist in many cases insurability. Why? Only God knows. The present day medical science has no answer.
Now with too much publicity in news papers, T.V., films about cancer and its treatment, it has become a “MEDICAL PROBLEM”. A great political leader died with cancer or a renowned doctor died with cancer, a king or queen died with cancer – news. All these in every day newspapers, T.V. news create FEAR OF CANCER. Fear of dying with the cancer is greatest killer of patient who has cancer. Fear of disease is the obstacle to overcome in sickness and hindrance to recovery in cancer patient and it leads him/her to die inch by inch. Here comes the real help of homoeopathy.
To a cancer, if given sufficient time, it will kill its host. It is proved that miasmatic approach has prevented for a long time to “Kill its host” from cancer. We have to study, understand, deep inroads in human body how miasms create imbalance and inequilibrium. Discovery of the three great miasms by Hahnemann is a boon to mankind to treat chronic diseases and specially cancer by homoeopathic potentised medicines. It may take years by present medical establishment to accept real homoeopathic approach to treat patients. This can happen only if our products (students and practitioners) really understand real Homoeopathy and practice real Homoeopathy. The present day teachers teach only rudimentary Homoeopathy only to pass diploma, degree, M.D. (Homoeo) and they go out as raw Homoeopaths and they give bad or lower level name to Homoeopathy.  Brilliant homoeopaths in the past were there and they kept Homoeopathy alive. I do not mean to say that there are no very good homoeopaths at present time, but there are only a few out of majority. Homoeopaths are in the growth factor and growing but the quality wise Homoeopathy and Homoeopaths are declining. To my mind, the whole fault lies with the teachers (professors) of Organon of Medicine, Materia Medica and Repertory.
At the present stage, we do not have sufficient data in Homoeopathy for the treatment of various types of cancer. Our approach to cancer and patient is quite different than other medical systems. Once a cancer patient, he is for lifetime a cancer patient. He is in remission stage and not cured. Any day, time, age, he/she can have recurrence due to any circumstances or causes. I have many cases that have stopped treatment as they have no complaint and after 3, 5, 10, 15 years they come back for treatment for the same progressive condition. It was in remission stage and not cured. Miasms play a very important part in the evolution of diseases especially in cancers and chronic diseases.
We, homoeopaths should not boast too much as the other systems do. Many homoeopaths do claim to cure cancer and terminal illness on paper. I do not.
Homoeopathy is not having any specific medicine or treatment for specific disease. No two cases are the same. In Homoeopathy, Individualism is the core part/ point for the treatment of the patient. We do not treat the disease but the patient as an individual having a disease condition on how he/she reacts to the disease, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Clinical Oncology (The study and treatment of cancer) has very good field in Homoeopathy and God has given opportunity to homoeopaths.  I am fortunate to have treated 30,000 and more cases, being a cancer patient for more than 50 years with Spindle Cell Sarcoma which was highly malignant with secondaries in lung. That opened for me to treat other cancer patients homeopathically. Initially, in many cases, I did not get success.
We do have patients who have lived for more than 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 45 years, and terminal cases who have lived for 2, 3, 4 years. Many such cases have reached to the 5 years “survival period”. We intend to publish many such cases.   We want to show how Homoeopathy is applicable HOLISTICALLY according to the Organon of Medicine.
We treat the individual as a whole with the indicated medicine, miasmatic medicine and organopathic medicine if a certain organ of the body or system is involved, after considering the sphere of action of the medicine.
Many Homoeopaths, Allopaths and lay people who are interested in Cancer treatment by Homoeopathy are asking how I prescribe and what is the procedure that I follow for the first prescription and the subsequent prescriptions. We report CANCER CASES to show that when other systems of treatments fail, they come for Homoeopathic Treatment. Can you deny these patients? A very few VIRGIN Cases come for Homoeopathic Treatment. What are the results? It requires years of experience to treat various types of Cancer.
When patients are better with physical complaints and other laboratory and imaging investigations which are given in the history of illness and later during the treatment shows improvement and correctness of selected prescriptions of the cases, and if changes occur in the condition of the patient, there is a change in the prescriptions and the patients are better with the quality of life for 5, 10, 15 and more years under Homoeopathic Treatment. What more proofs are needed?
This is only possible with the latest techniques given in the SIXTH EDITION OF ORGANON OF MEDICINE (1921).

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